Leave Me Alone ~ Completed

Jessie promised herself she would never forgive him. he left her and she was left taking the hits from her angry and drunk older brother Damen, but when her brother shows up with his bandmates will she ever be able to forgive her brother when her life changes and she becomes famous. Read the story and find out.


4. Niall's back

Niall's P.O.V: the tour bus had broken down. we had just finished our UK tour and we were on our way back home. i was going to stay at Liam's in Birmingham. thats where we were now. we went to the local corner shop to pick up some sweets etc. Liam said he came here a lot before the x factor. he got on well with the boy who worked here. so we went into the shop and we all ran straight to the sweets section. Liam went up to the counter to talk to his old friend. suddenly a boy stormed in and shouted "WHERE IS SHE!!" i turned to see who it was. it was the boy who had appeared in my nightmares ever since i left home. my brother Damen.

Jessie's P.O.V: i was playing FIFA with Eddie  when i heard Damen storm in and shout for me. i weren't scared. i headed downstairs to see what he wanted. i might as well get it over and done with. when i got into the shop i looked over at Tyler and saw the fear in his eyes. i gave him a confused look. he pointed behind me. i turned around and saw Damen. suddenly he held me by the front of the t shirst and up against the wall. i weren't scared. it wasn't the first time. i always told the others not to get involved. i didn't want them getting hurt as well. he spat in my face. "don't act like you don't know," i punched him in the stomach. "STOP THAT"!! he demanded.

"make me," i said back and kicked him in the balls. he hit my head against the wall for that. i winced. i could feel the blood trickling down my neck. Damen saw as well. he was drunk. he leant over and licked the blood. "you're mental," i said. he punched me in the stomach. i didn't shut up though. "just coz dad died doesn't mean you can do what ever you want," he punched me in the stomach again. "IT WAS YOUR FAULT, IT WAS YOUR FAULT HE COMMITTED SUICIDE AND MUM DIED!!" i was shouting now. "SHUT UP!!" he screamed at me. he hit my head against the wall. i could feel the cut getting bigger. i hadn't finishd yet though. "YOU'VE ALREADY DRIVEN AWAY MUM DAD AND NIALL SOON WE'LL ALL BE GONE AND YOU'LL JUST BE A DRUNK, DRUG ADDICT RAPING GIRLS EVERY NIGHT, LIKE YOUR STUPID MATES YOU LOCK ME IN A ROOM WITH EACH NIGHT, WHAT KIND OF BROTHER ARE YOU!!" i shouted. i hadn't meant to mention. thats when he dropped me on the floor and started to kick my head in. he reached into his jacket and pulled out a knife. "GO ON THEN, KILL ME JUST LIKE YOU KILLED MUM!!" i shouted at him.

"LEAVE HER ALONE!!!" we all turned to see the blonde boy i thought i never see again, but i had promised myself i wouldn't forgive him. "Niall," i whispered. thats when everything went black

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