Leave Me Alone ~ Completed

Jessie promised herself she would never forgive him. he left her and she was left taking the hits from her angry and drunk older brother Damen, but when her brother shows up with his bandmates will she ever be able to forgive her brother when her life changes and she becomes famous. Read the story and find out.


9. George.. and Hallie?

3 months later

I was playing FIFA with Eddie and Niall was playing his guitar. “shouldn't you practise for the competition,” said Niall. “oh yeah,” I replied. The auditions were on thursday. I grabbed my guitar and ran down into the shop. Sitting on the counter was my worst enemy Hallie. She was sitting on the counter kissing George. “George!” I exclaimed. He looked up and shot me the finger and carried on kissing Hallie. I ran upstairs and ran into Harry and Louis's room crying. I ran into Harry's arms and cried into his chest. “what happened?” asked Louis.

“george,” I wept. “he cheated,” I said. Harry passed me to Louis and ran down the stairs. Me and Louis ran after them. When we got downstairs and into the shop. I saw Harry and George on the floor and Harry was throwing punches at George's face. “HARRY STOP!” I shouted. He carried on hitting George. I ran upstairs to Niall. He immediately followed me downstairs. Liam and Zayn followed closely behind. Liam ran straight to Harry and dragged him off George and Louis grabbed George. “WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING?” Liam shouted. Harry just shrugged. Niall went forward to George and grabbed him by the cuff of his shirt and threw him out of the shop. “don't even think about showing your ugly little face around here ever again,” he hissed at him. He looked over at Hallie and said “the same goes for you,” and put his arm round me and went into the living room. We sat on the sofa and he pulled me into his chest.

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