The Dare. [Completed]

*For the "The Afterlife: A writing contest"*
I hope you like it! :) x


5. Epilogue.

It goes by a thousand names, but is still the greatest mystery… still the question that everyone wants an answer to… What is there after death?


Chloe’s friends called the police and when they searched the house next morning, there was no sign of Chloe. Just like the other missing people, she was also declared dead.


Her body was cold when she woke up. She knew she had died. Chloe had so many dreams, aspirations and things to conquer but because of one stupid dare and her ego, she was killed.

Along with the other ghosts, she now haunts the haunted house. Many young people still come to the house, only to be killed by the mysterious man. No one can be saved. No one returns once they enter the damned house.


The question arises – What is there after death?

I would say, if you die a painful death like the spirits in the haunted house did, then you are barred from attaining peace and are left to haunt the place of your death.



There was once a young girl that everyone knew.

She went inside the haunted house to prove her friends she was brave and true.

He killed her, drank her blood and pulled her hair.

Her life ended because of just one simple little dare.


....---- THE END----....

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