The Dare. [Completed]

*For the "The Afterlife: A writing contest"*
I hope you like it! :) x


4. Chapter 4

I found my bag lying in the corner of the room. I quickly took my phone out and texted my friends to come and get me and that I was scared. I got an instant reply from Anna saying that they were coming. A wave of relieve washed over me and I was a little bit calm. I turned around to thank those people but they were all gone. I got another text and it was from Tatiana saying that they had reached the house.

I silently picked my bag up and tip toed across the room toward the door. I finally reached the room where the grand staircase was and tried opening the door.

I twisted the knob. Once, twice, thrice. Nothing happened. I did it again. Nope, nothing.

I went over to the window that was right next to the door and saw Anna, Tatiana, Brooke, Brenda and Lizzy standing there waiting for me to open the door. I signed them that the door was jammed so they tried breaking it down but their efforts were wasted. The door didn’t move an inch. They came back in front of the window. I figured they were planning to break the window so that they could pull me out from there.

The five of them turned around to face me and horror filled their faces. Anna pointed her finger towards something behind me. I swiftly turned around but saw nothing.

‘What?’ I moved my lips.

‘Behind you.’ Lizzy said, her eyes bulging out.

I turned around again and in a swift motion a man in black hit me on the head with something really hard and I fell down. I could hear my friends screaming outside.

He clicked his fingers and the shutters of the windows closed.

The room lit up. The walls were painted red and they screamed ‘death’. Spirits filled the room and I could see Andy looking at me with a sympathetic smile.

I faced the man. He started taking out a knife. I got up and tried to run but as soon as I turned around an outer force stopped me. Someone was pulling my hair and it was hurting really bad.

“Kill her!” Someone shouted.

I felt my body getting numb.

The man jumped in front of me and there he was with his little girl.

“Daddy, kill her. She’ll be a good friend.” The little red head said.

“Sure baby girl.” And then, with one swift motion he slit my throat.

I fell down. Blackness surrounded me.

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