The Dare. [Completed]

*For the "The Afterlife: A writing contest"*
I hope you like it! :) x


2. Chapter 2

I lighted a candle and placed it on a candle stand next to me. The house was huge from the inside. A giant fleet of staircase was running up just from the middle of the room and there were different doors leading to another bunch of rooms. Surprisingly the house was clean. It felt so surreal in here.


I sat down in one corner and started unpacking my things. I took out a sandwich which I brought along with me. I finished it quickly and waited for the night to pass. Soon my eyes started feeling heavy and I was taken over by darkness.


I was woken up by someone shaking me. I quickly opened my eyes and saw a girl with red hair, probably seven or eight years old, smiling down at me.

I was shaken by the fact that a little girl was living here all alone.

“Do you live here alone?” I asked the little red-head.

“Will you dance with me?” She asked me with hopeful eyes.

“Sure. But firstly, I want you to tell me where your family members are.” I said, sternly.

“Oh. My father is here. He is practicing piano in the ballroom.” She smiled.

Piano?  I can’t hear anything. I looked around and saw the room was now lighted and it looked as good as new. It felt like I was put in a trance by that little girl.

“Come dance with me? Daddy will be very happy to meet you!” The little girl said with enthusiasm.

“Sure.” My mouth said for me. I no longer had any control over my body. I felt something was wrong but my trance stopped me from thinking.

The little girl led me down the hallway and I saw at least 10 rooms filled with people. They were looking at me. One thing was evident in each and every one of them; they looked at me with pity.  

 I could now hear the piano. It was being played beautifully. The red head led me to a huge room and I figured it was the ballroom. People were already dancing, swaying themselves to the tune of the piano. All of them were wearing really funny clothes. Some of them, I figured, were of the Victorian era, some were even wearing suspenders and some were in modern clothes like me.

When I entered, they smiled at me. I found it a bit creepy but I returned a smile back. The thought of this being a haunted house left my mind. I felt something fishy was going on and I couldn’t do anything about it. It felt like I was trapped in my own body.

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