The Dare. [Completed]

*For the "The Afterlife: A writing contest"*
I hope you like it! :) x


1. Chapter 1

It was twilight by the time we reached the old house. An eerie silence was surrounding us and no one even dared to say anything. We were all scared out of our minds but I was the one with the goose bumps covering my whole body.

Today in school my friends dared me, “Chloe, you always go around telling how brave you are. Why don’t you go and spend the night at the old haunted villa?” They said, snickering.

“No biggie for me!” I said with a forced smile and clenched fists.

I was scared. They didn’t know about the stories they say about the ghosts in the house. When I was a little girl mom always used to tell me that if anyone stays at that house at night, they won’t come out alive. Surprisingly, no one, till date, has found the bodies of the people who stayed the night there.

First they go spend the night there, next morning they don’t come out, after a day or two a missing report is filed and finally after months of searching they are declared dead because no one can find them or their bodies anywhere.

That place is very much haunted but my stupid friends won’t understand. It was a matter of pride for me because if I come out alive the next morning then I’ll be the first ever person to do so. I think my chances are pretty high. I am a really brave girl and these tiny ghosts won’t scare me.

So, now we were standing in front of the main gate. The house was small and a very old one. There were weeds and bushes growing at every possible place, the house was covered with creepers growing on the walls, bats habituating the overgrown trees. There were two tombstones also. I wonder who the owner of this house was and what happened to the people living here.

“So, ready to go in?” asked Tatiana.

“You can still back off Chloe.” My best friend Anna said with a worried smile.

“No, I can do this!” I kind of cheered and slung my bag around my shoulders.

They all gave me a hug and off I went.

To say I was scared would be an understatement. I was shivering and shaking because of the creepy surroundings.

I finally reached the porch and slowly opened the door. It creaked and the sound echoed through the whole house. Gathering up some courage, I opened the door fully, only to be attacked by a bunch of bats trapped in the house. They came out flying and were all over my face. I threw my hands here and there to shoo them away.

I turned around to see the worried look on my friends’ faces. Giving them one last smile for the night, I waved them goodbye, entered the house and closed the door behind me unaware of the events that will unfold during the night.

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