It all started with a smile

What happens when you meet a guy that makes you smile? What happens when you fall in love with that guy that you know will never love you back? What happens when you build your walls up so high that you don't see what's really going on? What happens when he tries to remove the wall, brick by brick? Will you push him away? Will you break his heart? Or...Will you let him show you what love really is? Find out in "It all started with a smile"


14. When will I get luck?

Tammy's POV

I finally gathered up the courage to wipe away my last tears for the day.. Well I hoped they were.

I grabbed my coat and scarf and waved to Ed as I exited the house.

Today was gonna be one long day at work, well long day in general. Every day seemed longer without... well fuck, I don't have the guts to say his name even. It was snowing today, beautiful for a start of December, everywhere around me was white and peaceful and just so beautiful.

I always loved snow, it just seemed pure and calm. I started walking towards the Starbucks with my head down.

Connor's POV

Why did I agree to meet up with that annoying girl? Oh yes, that's why. Because I have to forget about Tamara. I have to forget about her smile, her eyes, her personality and most off all, her lips. Damn, there I go again, fantasizing like a teenage girl. I couldn't get those lips out of my head, I even dreamt about them, about how I ran to Tamara, and stared at her lips before I leaned in and her lips suddenly ran away from me. I know weird dream, but I always had it, always.

Enough about her plump, rose, beautiful, kissable.... lips. Ok, I seriously have to stop with this. I'm not some teenage girl, I'm Connor, I'm male and manly. Cars, trucks, basketball... I don't fantasize about smelling someone's hair, snuggling up to them, holding their hand, being... their's...

I looked around me, finally noticing something else besides Tammy and her lips. It was snowing, and everything was white around me, I've been so clueless and so in my head that I actually forgot to grab my jacket and beanie, and gloves, and anything normal people wear when they go out in snow. Again, don't blame me, blame Tamara.

Suddenly my gaze fell upon this girl, that looked just like Tamara, don't ask me how I recognized her even with her head down, maybe it was the way she walked... (straight into my heart and stole it xD), or the way her feet practically dragged against the cold, snow covered floor. I don't know, the only thing I do know is that Tamara is near. My palms began to get sweaty, my knees weak and my eyes glued to her. Hoping she would look up so that I could see her beautiful eyes, her beautiful green-brown eyes.

What do I do? Do I say something to her? Do I come near her and just hug her? 

WHAT SHOULD I DO? I mean she practically told me she doesn't want anything to do with me, at least I need an explanation. Right?

When she was really near me I gathered up my courage and said

"Tammy?" her head snapped up, and she looked at me with a surprised look, that was suddenly full off anger. Well at least for a second I saw her face not angry.

"Sorry about your shirt" I blurred out. She looked down again, stopping at her tracks.

"Forget about it" as she continued walking I placed my hands on her shoulder.

"Tammy, please give me a reason why you don't want to be anywhere near me" I said, trying to keep my voice calm, I don't want to cry again. I glanced down at her lips, not this again! I snapped my gaze up at her eyes as she looked up at me.

She looked like she was thinking about what to say and what to do. She pushed my hands away, but gently actually.

"I'm sorry about last week. I was just not in the mood I guess. I want to be your friend Connor" She said and I was debating wherever I should trust what she's saying or not. But I chose that I should. I just need her close, in a friend way too.

I don't mind being in the friendzone my whole life if I get to see her everyday, it's the risk I'm willing to take. Her eyes locked on mine as I smiled widely and I couldn't control myself so I hugged her tightly.

I expected her to push me away or something, but she didn't, instead her arms wrapped around me and she buried her head in my chest. This felt so good, so so good. Her being in my arms, she fit perfectly. I laid my head on top of her's, closing my eyes, savoring this beautiful, perfect moment. I don't want it to ever stop.

"Connor?" I heard that fucking annoying voice, just as she said that Tammy, practically pushed me away. No. No. Don't push me away again. I turned around and saw that girl. 

She came near us and extended her hand

"I'm Taylor, Connor's girlfriend, and you?" Tammy stood there, with a blank look on her face, then she smiled slightly, I could recognize that fake smile anywhere. She always wore it in the beginning of the school year, when she arrived here. That's why I cherished every single real smile I received. 

I wanted to push Taylor and tell her she's not my girlfriend, but I would feel so bad about myself, because I practically led her on.I know that girl isn't good, and she is annoying and all, but no girl deserves to be led on. Tammy shook her hand and said

"I'm Tamara, Connor's friend" I saw Tammy wince for a second before pulling away her hand, what happened? DId Taylor squeeze her hand too tightly? Did Tammy hurt her hand at work? Tammy fake smiled again and then I felt Taylor take a hold of my hand,  She intertwined our fingers, and I felt nothing, absolutely nothing.

Only butterflies from being near Tammy.

"So I'll better go, see you around Connor" Tammy said. Not that again! I won't allow it!

"Not that again, Tammy, I'll come get you at 7 pm and we can have dinner, you me, Ricky and Kian. Ricky is dying to see you again, he thinks you're fun" I blurred out quickly as she wanted to go around us. She looked up and said

"Ok, but come get me at Starbucks, because I have two shifts" I nodded while smiling and I don't know what got into me but... I kissed her cheek. I saw her blush and smile, her genuine smile, but only a small hint of her smile, before she quickly walked away from us...

I hope it's long enough xD Tell me what you guys think ;) Hope you liked it! And thanks for reading!

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