It all started with a smile

What happens when you meet a guy that makes you smile? What happens when you fall in love with that guy that you know will never love you back? What happens when you build your walls up so high that you don't see what's really going on? What happens when he tries to remove the wall, brick by brick? Will you push him away? Will you break his heart? Or...Will you let him show you what love really is? Find out in "It all started with a smile"


6. Realization

The next day...

I woke up and sat up on my bed. I yawned as I slowly got up and walked over to my mirror. I really liked the weekends because that was the time when I could be lazy and do stuff I liked, not some boring stuff in school. After taking a shower and changing into some casual clothes...

I walked downstairs to find Ed sitting in the kitchen with his head in his hands with the laptop in front of him. He fell asleep here. I waked closer to him and patted his back gently and slowly, he quickly raised his head and I looked at him with worried eyes.

"Oh good morning Tammy, how was the night out?" he asked casually but I could tell he was stressed, and worried for some unknown reason. 

"It was great, but tell me... Why do you look like a mess?" I asked now even more worried

"I..I-I just fell asleep here" he said and I sighed. Work again. His boss is such an idiot, not letting his employees have a day off. I was seriously thinking about talking to the man.

"I know what you said yesterday, but is there any way I could help?" I asked and walked over behind the kitchen counter and started making toast for the both of us.

"I'm afraid there is no way to fix this situation" he said and yawned while leaning back on his chair and closing his eyes, he was so tired. I quickly made breakfast, I didn't stop thinking about it, I just wanted to help him in some way. He was really that type of guy that wanted company. His wife left him a couple of years ago, and he didn't have absolutely anyone, so he took me. I was so thankful and I just wanted to help him, he deserved it

As soon as I finished with the toast he got up and looked at the clock

"Work again" he said and sighed.

"I will pack you some toast" I said and surprised myself, I really cared for this guy, and I felt like I was really his daughter, and that was so weird for me. He smiled weakly and nodded

"And I'll just change into some fresh clothes, and I'll be back soon" he said and walked out as I placed some toast in a plastic box and smiled as I did it. I really felt like I belonged here, it was so weird. Ed walked inside after a couple of minutes with another laptop in his arms, it was purple and smaller, I looked at him confused and he smiled wider placing it on the counter

"That's a present for you, I know a lot of kids have a internet connection and I wanted you to have it too, it's a laptop that I bought from my coworker, she didn't want to use it anymore, so now it's yours, the whole house has WiFi, feel free to use it all the time" he said and I smiled wider and I again surprised myself, because I hugged him tightly, and he quickly hugged back and I smiled as I pulled away.

"Thank you so much... You really shouldn't have" I said and he grabbed the box with the toast in it and touched the tip of my nose gently

"I wanted to" he said simply before waving and walking out. I smiled and opened Google and typed in "Connor Franta". And there he was. His channel, his twitter, all information. He really was kinda famous. I opened his YouTube channel and watched a lot of his videos. The one when he met me was my favorite, and on the last video, he showed off his room and even thanked me over the video. He told them

"I know this is gonna be weird for you guys, I mean it's weird for me, but my room is clean!" then he did a 360 spin and smiled

"And all thanks to my new friend, that girl I bumped into, thanks Tam". A lot of girls were asking if we were dating and they were asking about me, and they wanted videos with me in them. He even told them that he really had fun with me yesterday, that the challenge was fun, and that he had a great time. The next thing I watched was the challenge video, and when JC and I kissed, it really looked good, and Ricky had it all on camera, it was kinda weird seeing myself, kissing someone i barely knew. Kissing someone that was famous. A lot of girls were jealous, and curious. I looked around and saw Connor, not really paying attention to me and JC kissing, he was talking to Suzy and yeah I felt jealousy in my stomach, but I tried to just shake that feeling out of it. I hated feeling this way.

I hated liking Connor so much... He was famous, so that's one more reason why I shouldn't tell him that I like him, that's one more reason I shouldn't let him in, through this walls, even though he could just walk through them. I shut off the laptop and sighed.

I hated loving Connor so much...

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