It all started with a smile

What happens when you meet a guy that makes you smile? What happens when you fall in love with that guy that you know will never love you back? What happens when you build your walls up so high that you don't see what's really going on? What happens when he tries to remove the wall, brick by brick? Will you push him away? Will you break his heart? Or...Will you let him show you what love really is? Find out in "It all started with a smile"


5. Movie time

As I entered my new house with a smile on my face I noticed my new dad at the table in the kitchen while reading the newspapers

"Hi Ed" I said politely and grabbed a banana from the table

"Oh hi Tamara, how was your day?" he asked and looked up with a huge smile on his face

"Fine, yours?" but inside I was practically screaming out of happiness, my day was unbelievable... I had so much fun with Connor, just chilling with him made me so much happier, he was that kind of guy that could easily make you happy with the smallest things that he does. I never really felt this way before, I never actually had a friend that was there for me, and was so caring and fun. Every minute with him was full of joy, and everytime I was with him I would forget about all the bad things in my life, all the sorrow and misery.

"It was good, now I'm so tired, I seriously need a break" Ed answered and sighed as he threw the newspaper down while getting up

"Why don't you ask your boss for one?" I asked and leaned against the kitchen counter, he fake laughed and answered

"He doesn't even know what break is, to keep it simple, he would never give me a break, or anyone, as he says "There's no break for people that work here" "he said the last part in a snobby voice and walked out 

"Goodnight Tammy, see you tomorrow" he shouted while walking upstairs. I nodded and threw the banana peal into the trashcan and walked upstairs to my room

The next day...

I just couldn't wait to see Connor again, I just couldn't wait for him to make me smile. School was so incredibly boring, and I was so tired, and my mood was ruined completely. To tell you the truth, the bullying was going all around me, no one really bullied me but I hated seeing people being bullied, I almost stepped in while this big guy face punched this shy nerd, but I kept my cool, I really wished I could do something about it, but I got into so much trouble everytime I tried to help. Every time they would throw me out of the school and blame it all on me, and my "parents" would throw me out of their life and city. And I didn't want that, this was the first time ever, that I really really wanted to stay here, and it was because of Connor.

As the last school bell rang I ran outside the school and bumped my shoulder against someone, I looked up and it was Connor with a big smile on his face, I smiled widely instantly and asked

"What are you doing here?" 

"Waiting for you, I'm not your stalker I just wanted to tell you that the movie plans are canceled, I mean we are still gonna have a movie night, but not in the cinema, we are gonna go to my friend's Ricky's house and watch the movie there" he said really fast and I giggled at that, understanding him completely, I realized a lot of people were glancing at us and I was confused but said

"You weren't kidding about being famous" he laughed and nodded

"Don't you have internet connection?", he asked

"Nope, I had this piece of crap laptop but it broke so no internet for me" I joked and pouted, he smiled wider and I asked

"So what time will you pick me up?"

"Oh, I will come at 6 and we are gonna have an hour ride to his house and there you'll meet JC, Rebecca and Suzy" he answered me and placed a hand on my back, signalizing that we should walk. 

"OK Connor, what movie will we watch?" I asked as we walked towards my house, he obviously wanted to walk me home. I realized his hand was still on my back and I tried not to blush even though I felt myself heating up. He removed his hand seconds later like he could read my mind and answered

"Some comedy, Ricky is picking the movie tonight, I can't wait for you to meet them, they are fun and excited to meet you"

"Oh so you told them about me" I said

"Yeah, I told them I met this cool girl and that you were my friend and you know, friends wanna meet friends" he said and I giggled. We were at my house in no time and he hugged me slightly before saying

"Catch you later Tam" and walked away, leaving me there with a big smile on my face. I smiled as I entered the house and looked at the clock it was 4 pm, I walked upstairs and got dressed, trying to look better than usual.

I watched something on the TV and then at exactly 6 pm I heard the door bell ring, luckily I was home alone so I walked downstairs and opened the door looking straight into his eyes, he smiled and said

"This reminds of one girl I served pizza to" I laughed and walked out.

"Love the style girlllll" he practically shouted and I laughed loudly and punched him playfully

"I try" I joked and he opened the car door for me.

1 hour later...

The ride to Ricky's house was really fun, we sang along to some songs and might I add, we were horrible. But we didn't care. We played some car games and joked around, he told me some jokes trying to make me laugh, and he succeeded every time. When we finally arrived he opened the door for me and we exited. Ricky's house was huge and beautiful, I heard a girl scream

"OMG ISN'T THAT CONNOR!?" and I noticed this guy running towards Connor and giving him a huge huge I laughed guessing that was Ricky and I was right.

"Oh hi, haven't seen you there" he joked when pulling away and giving me a hug too, he pulled away and said

"Oh and by the freaking way I'm Ricky, but you can call me Samantha" I laughed hard and I said

"Oh and by the freaking way I'm Tamara, but you can call me Josh" he laughed and he said

"Welcome to my small home" I giggled and said sarcastically

"It's so small". As we entered the house, I looked around and was amazed at how beautiful this house was. I smiled while looking at it. The living room was huge, I was greeted but two girls, that seemed to be nice, and they had a conversation with Connor and I could tell they were really close to him, they probably known him for a long time

"Hi I'm JC" this cute guy told me and stuck out his arm, I gladly shook it and sat on the armchair and asked Ricky

"So what will we watch?"

"I don't know, what type of porn do you like more; Hentai or Lesbian?" he joked and I laughed again and answered

"Probably the Hentai one" he laughed and placed pressed play

"Ok, 21 Jump Street it is" I laughed as the movie started. The whole time I just couldn't help but notice how close Connor was to those girls, I was jealous, I'm not gonna lie, but it was a stupid thing to be jealous about, I mean seriously Tamara, you can't be jealous at them for knowing Connor longer, or can you?  

Hour and a half later....

 "Guys wanna do the fuzzy bunny challenge?!" Ricky asked being him excited self. I yawned and nodded

"I want to do the challenge!" I said happily and got up. Everyone wanted to do it too, so we gathered up in his kitchen and Ricky said while turning the camera on, I was kinda scared to be on his channel, but I guess no one could really see it, I mean they're not that famous. 

"Ok so who puts the least  marshmallows in his mouth losses, and he has to do what the winner tells him to, got that?" everyone nodded and we started the challenge it was really hard but somehow I didn't lose, JC did. Ricky being the winner looked at JC and made a thinking face. I smiled and looked at Connor as he smiled back

"Ok, so JC, you have to pick one girl here and give her a full on French kiss for 20 seconds" Ricky said and I looked at him

"That's a good one Ricky" and then JC looked at me and the rest of the girls and finally said

"Tamara I choose you" at first I smiled because it reminded me of Pokemon and then I shook my head and said

"That's a bad one Ricky" everyone laughed and JC came near me and said with sorry eyes

"I'm so sorry" and kissed me, not to mention this was my first ever kiss, but I kissed him back, somehow kissing came naturally. And I knew JC was good at this, because even though I wanted to kiss Connor more, this was a good kiss, I could really tell he was a good kisser. After the 20 seconds passed we pulled away and JC looked at me

"You're a good kisser" I blushed and nodded 

"Thanks" only if he knew that was my first kiss. Ricky turned to the camera

"Guys give it a huge thumbs up if that was as hot for you as it was for me" and turned it off. I laughed and looked at Connor that was talking to Suzy I think I smiled and leaned against the counter and Ricky walked over.

"You're fun, I like you Tam, come over anytime" he said and patted my shoulder and looked at Connor as I yawned

"I think you need to drive your lady home Connor" I blushed and looked down and then up

"I'm not his lady but you don't have to hurry up with what you're doing" I said and looked at him as he walked over

"It's fine, I'm tired too" he said and Ricky followed us to the door

An hour later..

The car ride was quieter than usually but we talked, there wasn't any akward silence, just it was weird for me, I was probably over exaggerating. He smiled as he slowed down and parked at my driveway.

"Well that was really nice Connor thanks for taking me" I said and looked at him with a smile

"No problem Tam, they liked you, I'm glad my old friends get along with you" he said and smiled too

"Well I should be going, I'll see you around Connor" I said happily and gave him a quick hug before walking out.

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