It all started with a smile

What happens when you meet a guy that makes you smile? What happens when you fall in love with that guy that you know will never love you back? What happens when you build your walls up so high that you don't see what's really going on? What happens when he tries to remove the wall, brick by brick? Will you push him away? Will you break his heart? Or...Will you let him show you what love really is? Find out in "It all started with a smile"


18. Diner with Youtubers part 3

Tammy's POV

We kept looking into each other's eyes and I can swear to God I saw him slightly leaning in. Those butterflies multiplied and so did my nervs and that's when we heard

"Why didn't you guys call me!" it was JC. (No one guested it :P ) My head snapped at the direction the voice was coming from. And so did Connor's. Suddenly Connor started walking towards them, leaving me behind. What? 

I skipped up to them and heard JC say

"And you! You told me you were going out of town and that's why you couldn't chill with me" I looked at Connor and that at JC, confused with what's happening. JC looked at me and a smile spread across his lips

"Tammy" he said and chuckled before grabbing my upper arm and pulling me into him. He wrapped his arms around me and I instinctively did the same. He didn't smell like Connor, he didn't feel like Connor, he wasn't Connor. The hug was plain, nothing special compared to the hug I had with Connor minutes ago. Someone cleared his throat...

Kian's POV

JC had to step in and ruin the moment between Connor and Tamara. 

I saw Connor slightly leaning in, and Ricky and I smiled at each other knowing Tammy would probably kiss back and Connor will be his happy self again. I hated seeing him miserable. I mean he would just nod, barely speak and well he wasn't himself. And then I found out why.

He fell in love with a girl that he thought didn't love him back, and that same girl told him that she doesn't want to see him again. He was broken to say the least, he stayed in his room, he didn't even eat properly, he didn't drink his Arizona tea! Connor didn't drink his Arizona tea, because of this girl, that's when I knew he got it bad. And then today he told us he will go out with that Taylor girl that we knew he hated.

We knew she was a rebound, we knew everything. How he hated her attitude, the way she talked, the way she was so arrogant... But I guess he thought it would be simpler to forget about Tammy this way.

And then he called me and Ricky to come have dinner with him and Tamara because he didn't want to freak her out by going by themselves. Of course being the good friends that we are we said yes to the invite...

I never ever seen Connor so happy in his life, the way he bounced around my room as I fixed my hair, the way he made jokes, the way he smiled all the time. Yes, I was definitely sure he was in love with this mysterious girl

And when I met her well I saw why. She was stunningly beautiful and she was to top that, funny. So funny! She joked around,  she made my life happier even, she lit up everybody's life with that simple smile that well barely appeared, that genuine one. 

I could see Connor shooting daggers at Ricky as he placed his arm around Tammy. I could see the jealousy clearly, I have no idea how Tamara didn't see that. And now, well I was pretty sure he was gonna kill JC.

This is why he didn't invite him in the first place, because Connor being his paranoid self, didn't want JC stealing Tammy away. He was jealous, because JC actually got to kiss Tamara, in the YouTube video they made. 

JC got to kiss her and he didn't, and that truly killed him inside right now, he was so close to killing him, and me, being the nice guy, cleared my throat, acting it out like I had a sour throat. They pulled away and I could see that Connor felt much better, I have no idea how he will survive if Tammy finds a boyfriend...

Connor's POV

JC if you don't move away from Tamara, I will I swear to God rip your head off... 

I can't stand this, I can't stand him hugging her the way I did when we were at Starbucks, I just can't. And don't get me started on the part that he actually got a chance to kiss her and I didn't. He got the chance to kiss those soft lips I dream about every night, he got to taste her, to see how her breath smells like up close, to feel her... And I will never get that chance again.. because of him. 

I was about to do something when Kian cleared his throat, and then coughed. I looked at him and released the breath I didn't knew I took. 

Tammy turned around and looked at Kian

"Kian, you okay?" she asked with her sweat voice. She was so caring all the time.. I just loved that about her.

"Yeah, just a sour throat, maybe because of that ice cold Coce I had before we came here" he said and then Tammy nodded and JC looked at me

"So, care to explain why you're not out of town?" he asked and sat on the round sofa, next to Kian. (I imagined the seating area, as a round sofa and the table in front of it, I never been to a bowling alley so bare with me)

"Sorry... The flight to LA was canceled so I stayed, and then I saw Tammy and invited her to join me and Kian to dinner and I totally forgot about you" I said, trying to keep my voice calm, I was seriously bad at lying. JC nodded but I could see he didn't completely believe me. Great.

"So my table is there so I'll watch you guys suck at bowling from a near distance" he said and smiled at Tammy, she smirked and said

"But you'll see yourself suck from even closer, so that's a bonus" I laughed and we all joined in, even JC. Hell she could be funny so easily.

She could be everything easily. She could be sweet, caring, loving, funny, amazing... It all came natural to her... 

When we continued playing I just couldn't stop thinking about the fact that she looked like she was gonna kiss me back, maybe that's my imagination, maybe I'm fooling myself but it sure as hell looked like it... I just wish JC didn't stop us, and we would know for sure...

It was Tammy's last shot now and she was concentrating on doing it right, if she gets this shot right and knocks at least 4 pins than we win... She quickly did her thing and the ball started rolling down the path... Soon I saw ALL the pins down and she looked back at us with a huge smile

"Bravo!" I said happily and stood up, hoping I would get another one of her happy hugs, and I did. She ran up to me and buried her head in my chest, I placed my head on her head, because she was that short and I felt myself smile wider and wider... This type of stuff gave me hope that one day she will feel the same, I just didn't knew if I should give up or not.. If I should try to forget about loving her or should I welcome these feelings with my arms with open...

She pulled away and looked at the boys smirking

"Not too bad for a beginner" Ricky said and winked at her

"Really bad for an expert" Tammy said, using Ricky's words from before, when he told us he was an expert...

"We wanted you guys to win Tam, next time you'll see us in our full glory" Kian said and we all chuckled before Tammy sat next to me on the sofa and we ordered some pizza. 

We all had a casual conversation throughout the dinner and at the end I wanted to pay for Tammy's part but she, being her stubborn self, didn't want that

"Listen, don't be sexist and let me at least pay for my part, I mean you payed for the bowling game thingy" she said and shoved her money in Kian's hands, he was gonna go and pay for all of us, so that all of us wouldn't wait in line.

I groaned and took a deep breath

"Fine" I mumbled and she smiled happily.

On the walk back, I decided I was gonna walk Tammy home, I wanted to be the true gentleman that I am. The boys and Tammy hugged and soon, it was only me and her.

I was fighting with my emotions by the time that we reached her home, yes we had a conversation on the way there, but I wasn't fully there, so to speak...

She turned around and said

"Thanks for bringing me out today, I really had fun, you know.. Hanging out with you.." she made a long pause, as she saw the smirk appear on my face "And the boys" she added quickly and giggled at herself. I sighed and surprised us both by placing my forehead against her's.

"I have no idea what to do with you" I said honestly. I didn't drink any alcohol but if I did, I would definitely blame this on the alcohol, but there was no excuse I just couldn't hold it in anymore.

"What do you mean?" she asked, her voice trembling and her eyes looking into mine.

"I... I don't know.." I can't tell her, I can't. She won't feel the same, I know she won't. I'm not sure in my emotions, I'm not. I just have to think about everything..

I pulled away and smiled wider

"Actually I wanted to ask you if you wanted to come with me, tomorrow, to check out some houses in LA and help me choose the right one, where Kian, Ricky and I could live" I said, finally making up an excuse for my outburst of honesty.

She looked confused but quickly said

"Connor... I don't have the money for the flight ticket" and looked down. Was she having money issues, how the fuck didn't that slip my mind when I saw her working at Starbucks, and still she wanted to pay for her part.. Stubborn, stubborn girl.

"Listen, I do. And you're my friend, I want you there, so don't worry about the money or anything. I need you there" I said.. Wow, was I begging her, was that how much I wanted her there

"Why don't you ask Taylor?" she asked with a smile I couldn't recognize, was it real or was it fake? I couldn't tell...

"She.... I broke up with her today, so yeah... I want YOU there" I lied.. well about the breaking up part... I didn't. I was still in a relationship with her... I just didn't want her to think I was taken, maybe she would want something with me if she knew that I wasn't...

Her smile grew and then she had a frown

"Why did you guys break up?" she asked and tilted her head, examining my face for any emotion. But honestly I couldn't care less if I never saw Taylor again.

"She just wasn't the girl for me" I said and smiled at her

"I'm fine, don't worry. So tomorrow 8 am, your place, the flight is 3 hours and 30 minutes long, so yeah, you don't need to bring anything and we'll be back at the evening" I added and kissed her cheek quickly, she blushed, like she wasn't expecting it, but neither have I.

It always just happened, I always just had this urge to kiss her or touch her in any way currently possible...

"Ok, but I'll pay you back.." she said and smiled wider

"With coffee from Starbucks" I said and kissed her other cheek now before pulling her in for a hug.

She hugged me back and I could hear her giggle against my chest. I chuckled myself too and it felt completely normal and natural, it even felt like we were in a relationship, and it felt good.

I tried to keep every single detail about this hug in my memory, I did that every time we hugged and kissed, I always felt like it was the last time... 

I cherished everything I got from her.. Because I loved her... I love her...

Hiii :) So no one guessed right, I mean not a lot of you commented either, but I don't mind I'm just glad someone has the time to write me a comment, and not to sound cheesy but it kinda fills my day and I feel good when I go to sleep :) Thanks for reading, let me know what you think about Connor lying about Taylor, and about this chapter in general, and what do you think this trip to LA? :) Love you guys, have a nice day xx

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