It all started with a smile

What happens when you meet a guy that makes you smile? What happens when you fall in love with that guy that you know will never love you back? What happens when you build your walls up so high that you don't see what's really going on? What happens when he tries to remove the wall, brick by brick? Will you push him away? Will you break his heart? Or...Will you let him show you what love really is? Find out in "It all started with a smile"


7. Brick by brick

The whole weekend was pretty boring, Connor didn't drop by and I walked and walked around my street but there wasn't any sign of him. 

"Fuck it", I mumbled noticing how desperate I was. I sighed and entered the house once again, I decided to just ignore his existence. I hated this feeling, I missed him so so much, and I known him for less than a week. I didn't want to be so weak and I didn't want to depend on him so much, considering the fact that I may be going to a different family soon, and that's the thing, this was the first time I didn't want to go. Ed was so good to me, he would watch TV with me, talk to me about everything, joke around with me, and it just surprised me, because he was always busy and tired and he used his free time to talk to me, instead of sleep.

I flopped down on the sofa and got out my laptop and went straight to YouTube. I'm so weak.

The first thing I noticed right away was that Connor made a new YouTube video and it was titled: "What to do when you're bored on the weekend?". He just talked about random stuff and how he is bored, and that he needs to do something fun, he just talked random stuff but one thing caught my eye. He said he was hesitant about something, and he doesn't know if he should do it or not, and he doesn't want to seem desperate. He was probably talking about good old Suzy that he known for a long time.

I looked up as I heard the door open, Ed entered with a worried look on his face. He sat down on the armchair and sighed deeply:

"I got fired" he said quietly and looked up. I came near him and patted his back

"Why?" I asked just as quiet as him. I just loved that about him, he was just as quiet as me, he didn't talk to much and he wasn't a bother at all.

"He said he needed to cut down the budget so he fired some people, and yeah" he said with his voice shaky

"Ed, don't worry, w-we'll get you a job, I'll get a job if I have to, everything will be fine" I said trying to comfort him and he smiled and looked up hugging me slightly

"You're the best daughter I never had" he whispered and I wrapped my arms loosely around him

"You're the best dad I never had" I said simply, I honestly already felt like he was my dad, and it was so unusual for me, I never really had a dad. I pulled away and went straight online again and looked for a job. Ed sat next to me on the sofa and looked with me, there weren't many free jobs so Ed gave up but I didn't. I was up all night looking for jobs, and I wrote down a couple places to go check for a part job for me, and on the other piece of paper I wrote down places for Ed to check. I smiled at the finished work and looked at the clock it was 4 am. I sighed and placed the papers on my nightstand and fell asleep easily.

The next day....

I fluttered my eyes open and let my eyes adjust to the sunlight that was entering through the window of my bedroom. I slowly got up and walked to take a shower and brush my teeth. When I was finished I put on:

Gonna go job hunting today. I walked downstairs and saw Ed reading newspapers at the kitchen table, he looked up and smiled:

"Going out with Connor?" he asked and I shook my head remembering him and fake laughed

"No, I'm going job hunting" I placed a piece of paper in front of him

"That's where you should look for jobs" I said and winked at him. He asked me if I liked Connor the other day when I was opening up to him and of course I had to lie, I told him that I don't like Connor at all! 

"Oh" he raised the paper and smiled reading it

"I will look for a job after breakfast" he said and winked back at me. I smiled wider and walked to the kitchen and made us some pancakes I placed the plate with the pancakes on the table and after a short period of time, they weren't there. I washed the dishes with a smile on my face as Ed cleaned up the table. When he finished he kissed my head gently and said:

"I'll just go and change and then leave" I nodded and washed the rest of the dishes as he walked out. When I was finished I yawned and walked out of the house while looking at the paper, I actually draw a small map to see where to go, I placed it in front of me and walked. I suddenly bumped into someone and I looked up while saying a quick

"Sorry" and there he was, the reason for my smile, the only person that made me feel this way, the only person that gave me this butterflies just by looking at me, the only person that I really really wanted to see right now, even though I didn't want to admit that to myself. It was him, Connor.


                         I feel like it's crap but I tried :( Sorry if it was bad, the next chapter will be better, and thank you guys for reading ;) Just tell me your honest opinions and if you have, then give me some advice ;) 

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