Reunited At Last

Isabella and Niall were best friends, that is until Niall auditions for the X-Factor. Isabella never heard from him since. She never forgot him. Does Niall remember her?


1. Running Away

Isabella's P.O.V


"ISABELLA!! GET DOWN HERE NOW!!!" Dave (my abusive step-father) yelled. "Yes?" "Remember when you killed your mother and your brother?" he asked smugly. You see, about 3 months ago, my mum and my brother died in a car crash. They hit a tree and the car flipped. I wasn't with them so Dave blamed me straight away. He said that I planned it and he made me believe it too. Even though I had done nothing wrong, he taunts me everyday and makes me say that I killed them both. Since my mum and brother passed away, he has been abusive. I have tried running away before, but that results in him beating me more than he usually does.  "Did you hear me, bitch?'' "Yes Dave, I killed my mother and my brother." I said, knowing that if I didn't, he'd hit me. "That's right you stupid bitch. You don't even deserve to be living. You're a worthless piece of shit that no one likes. Go upstairs and stay there." I did as I was told. Little did he know, that I had a small bag of things for if I ever ran away. I had money, snacks, a bottle of water and a lot of clothes.

I heard no more yelling from him so I decided to see why - he was passed out - this was my opportunity to escape. I ran back up to my room, grabbed my bag and climbed out the window. Luckily, there is a tree right next to my window. I climbed down and ran.

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