Mr Right my Princi(pal)

New Years resolutions:
1. Lose all my chubby puppy fat.
2. Climb higher on the status (popularity) ladder.
3. Make sure no one knows of my past.

I'm pretty different to all girls my age. I'm 17 and a Sagittarius. I'm quite chubby which is what always singles me out. I'm way past the average mark....I used to weigh 165 pounds!! Since it's my summer vacation I've finally stepped forward to end it. ALL of it-the bullying, teasing and the staring. I'm going to be somebody important when I'm older and my planning is gonna start now.


3. Hot bod...

"Mum?" I managed to puff out, she looked up from the book she was reading."Mhm?" 
"What's the name of my school principal?" I managed to huff out between breaths as I doubled over, I'd darted up the stairs in such a hurry.
"Honey I er hmm believe it's John Wills?" She liked at me deep in thought, I groaned and flopped onto my bed. Great just great I'm a bad omen my principal's died before I even set foot in the school.

I groaned and trudged towards my room and threw myself onto my bed, covering my head with my pillow. God was I tired!

My blissful sleep was abruptly interrupted by a loud bang on my bedroom window. I jumped as my hand covered my out of control heart. My instincts took over and I frantically searched for anything to use as a weapon as I inched closer to the window, funnily enough it was an umbrella. 

Holding it out in front of me as I heard another bang. That's it! I threw my curtains open and stood staring at a familiar face holding a torch, I shielded my eyes and muttered "Oliver you didn't strike me as the stalker type!" He grinned and motioned for me to get out of the way as climbed up onto my balcony and entered my room. I sat on my bed and rested my head in my hands. Looking up, I risked a glance at what he was wearing , his clothes were ragged and his face was unshaven.

"Oliver?," I squeaked "are you ok?" I had wanted to snap at him at first for stalking me and scaring the living day lights out of me, but now looking at him all I wanted to do was comfort him. I crept up to him and snaked my arms around his waist, he stiffened at first but as he got over the shock, embraced me back tightly. 

I felt his chest vibrate and I risked a peek at his face as he dried a lone tear. His eyes were outlined by dark circles and his chiseled face was sorrowful, his hair was unruly. A stray tear fell and I brushed d it away with my thumb and gave him a reassuring smile.

He gazed at me hesitantly, "Can I stay um at yours tonight?" I nodded as I led him to the guest room. "I'll er get some of my dad's clothes for you to change into. "He nodded sheepishly as I exited. My mind spun, what was wrong? Why was Oliver in that state? 

I folded a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt and made my way to the guest room. Knocking on the door, I slipped in after being answered a muffled 'come in.'

I covered my eyes with my hand as I noticed Oliver was shirtless, he chuckled half-heartedly as he shook his head. "Do I look that ugly?!" 
"!" I must've answered too quickly as I was flustered and he smirked at me as a red tinge covered my cheeks. Wasn't I playing hard to get???

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