Mr Right my Princi(pal)

New Years resolutions:
1. Lose all my chubby puppy fat.
2. Climb higher on the status (popularity) ladder.
3. Make sure no one knows of my past.

I'm pretty different to all girls my age. I'm 17 and a Sagittarius. I'm quite chubby which is what always singles me out. I'm way past the average mark....I used to weigh 165 pounds!! Since it's my summer vacation I've finally stepped forward to end it. ALL of it-the bullying, teasing and the staring. I'm going to be somebody important when I'm older and my planning is gonna start now.


2. Awkward situations!

I rubbed my nose and stared up at the culprit. He stuttered as his cheeks flamed red. " your neighbour from across the road, my mum some cupcakes for your family... To welcome you to the neighbourhood? He looked at me questioningly as he pointed down at the sloppy mess at my feet.

"Laaayla...have you seen my handbag?" my mum called as she appeared behind me. "Oh! Who's this? I'm Caitlin, Layla's mum!"I inwardly groaned at my mum's confidence as she extended her hand for him to shake. He shook my mum's hand hurriedly and with a wave and a hesitant smile scurried off.

The trip to the local mall wasn't long at all, that was the good thing about our new house, it was close to all the local entertainment complexes. I stalked off to forever new as my mum chatted with one of the salespersons, yes I know what your thinking. Yep my mum is extremely straightforward. 

As I looked through a rack of casual dresses, I noticed a girl around my age looking at me. I turned abruptly and she gave me a small grin which I immediately returned. Sighing I picked out a couple of coloured tanks, one of them had a superman emblem on it. I chuckled as I handed it to the cashier along with half a dozen coloured skinnies, I was turning on the swag this year!

My smile reached my ears as I found a pair of bright orange jeans with black zebra stripes on it. Awesome, exactly the style I was looking for different and edgy.

I hummed one direction's one thing as I yet again felt myself collide with a hard surface. The only difference being that this time I was sprawled on the floor due to the power of the impact. "Are you ok?" A voice whispered, [am I dead I wondered where has this angelic voice come from??] I rubbed my eyes to come face to face with a young breathtaking bloke with ebony black hair and the most intense blue eyes which were now scrunched in concentration. "Are you ok miss?" He tried again as I snapped out of my dazed expression.

This neighbourhood just got a whole lot better...

Haha! What did you think about the last chapter hmm? Who do u think the guy was? Guys I'm Aussie so I'll probably use words like bloke which means guy. It's second nature mkay? Vote, comment and fan plz! Oh and mistake guys Layla's 17 not 15. Anywho, on with the story. 
I gazed at him and he smirked, I shook my head as he brought me to my feet. Sighing I shook my head I was so gullible! Seemingly dazed I realised he was talking to me. "Yeah so um I'm Oliver, your new to this neighbourhood right?" He extended his hand and I shook it, however my eyes wouldn't stray from his own, I was entranced. I then nodded realising what he'd just asked me. He smiled, "I was hoping to get your number but can I at least get your name?" He chuckled as I cleared my throat. This guy wanted MY number???

I grinned triumphantly "Layla, Layla Harrison." 
He smirked, "Well nice to meet you Layla Layla Harrison, I'd love to stay and chat but I've got errands to run."
I gaped at him, he was mocking me??!
I thought of a smart comment but my mind was blank. "I wish I could say the same about you O-li-ver," now it was his turn to gape. I snickered, brushed myself off and walked off through the crowd without a glance back.
(That night)
After I'd finally found my mother following a loudspeaker announcement, we'd made it back home. After dinner I'd finally had time  to reflect on what had actually happened ,my thoughts lingered on the boy I'd met would I see him again...

I slumped onto the couch and flicked through the channels, my gaze landed on a coffin displayed on the news, apparently a rich man from around these parts who was in his late fifties had passed away as I picked up the remote to change the channel, his name flickered onto the screen-John Wills.

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