New Guy

Corey was born in a large town in canada she was always being hit on or asked out she never said yes she only settled for people with good looks and big wallets.When she found out Justin Bieber was in town she was so happy she figured having him in town was a open target to getting every thing she could dream of,best part was he was in town looking for his it girl,and she wanted to be that girl.


4. The Date

                                                                                          Justin's p.o.v.

she looked so gorgeous i couldn't take my eyes off of her, i could tell she was nervous she kept looking away to avoid my stare.i pulled up to a lovely sushi shop downtown.she smiled at me i guess she likes sushi.This was going to be very akward,"so do you like sushi'',i asked pulling open her door and grabing her hand,''yes,it's very good,have you ever tryed the crab and avocado sushi roll?"she asked fianally looking at me.i nodded and grabed her hand before entering Mr.Sushi's sushi shop.We sat at a v.i.p. booth,a little plump man walked up."hi welcome to Mr.Sushi's my name is Todd nice to meet you,do you know what you want to drink?''i nodded''i'll take a sprite.''i looked at Corey."i'll have a rasberry ice tea.''she had good taste. The little man nodded and scampered away.She smiled nervously and pushed a strand of her silky hair off her face." Tell me a little about yourself." She said breaking the silence. I had to clear my throat I couldn't find my voice she made me so nervous that I just couldn't help it." Well I'm the oldest of three and hate the paparazzi! She giggled very loudly the table next to looked over." Oh sorry!" now it was my turn to laugh. She blushed. There she goes again fluttering those gorgeous eyes like crazy." Stop it."i said" what?" she asked trying to figure out what she had done wrong." Acting all shy and helpless you don't have to change for me." She looked over at our drinks being put on the table." Do you know what you would like?"She nodded slightly then shook her head."im not sure? I either want wonton or egg drop."she scanned the menu biting her lips once and a while, she was so beautiful!" okay I know what I want, egg drop." She Said looking unsure of her choose.he nodded and scribbled her order on his paper.he looked at me." Ill take some avocado and crab sushi rolls." He nodded and wrote mine down." These will be out in a minute." He walked over to the kitchen and then to Demi lovato's table.we sat in silence, she would figet occasionally and it would scare me, was she unconterable by me?i leaned over pretending I was looking at something under the table.i dug in my pocket and grabbed my breath spray hopefully this would be better.


                                                       Corey's P.O.V

Justin went under the table to look at something.the date was going better then I thought and he was looking hot!I was looking at Demi while he was under the table, she was smiling to me over Niall's shoulder. He was rambling on and on about one direction, the ticket sales, fans, stalkers, and what the rest of them do in their spare time. Demi looked so bored.Everytime he said some thing she would reply by saying:mmmmhhhmmm I hear you, and, that's really interesting. Niall didn't notice when she looked at me and mouthed: HELP ME!!I giggled. Justin sat back up and smiled,i couldn't help but notice his flashy smile,gorgous hair,  his nice plump lips,and his-wait! SNAP OUT OF IT! YOU DO NOT LIKE HIM! I smiled nervously and moved my hand across table accidently tossing a fork on the floor. I reached down to grab it and started back up."OWWWW!"i screamed when my head hit the table, I fell out of the booth and on to the ground. Demi rushed to help me up and Justin called our food to go." HELP!'' Demi yelled.she looked at my head." Everything is gonna be okay",she said in my ear,'' WE NEED A DOCTOR!" Demi said touching my head slightly, it burned horribly.i tried to move my arm to reach my head but it wouldn't move,none of my body was responding I couldn't move anything.And soon my whole world went black.




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