New Guy

Corey was born in a large town in canada she was always being hit on or asked out she never said yes she only settled for people with good looks and big wallets.When she found out Justin Bieber was in town she was so happy she figured having him in town was a open target to getting every thing she could dream of,best part was he was in town looking for his it girl,and she wanted to be that girl.


3. Picking her up

                                                            Justin's p.o.v.

i parked my Benz  in the gravel driveway, and got my pocket mirror out, "Come on Justin, you got this." I looked at my hair and frowned.I pulled out my comb and dragged it through my hair,i was ready.I walked up the stairs to the front door and knocked."oh hi Justin",her mom said jumping up and down,"Corey told me to expect you,shes not quite done yet but please do wait."her mom said politely as she invited me in.They had a nice size house,walls with orange polka dots but what confused me was the yellow ceiling,it totally ruined it but i didn't say anything.her mom showed me this brown chair with a massage button,i sat down and clicked the button to start it."are you hungry?do you want any Hors d'œuvres?''i nodded and she speed walked into the kitchen tapping her little brown heels.she came back a few minutes later holding a tray with cucumbers with the middle cut out and stuffed it with Greek yogurt topped with celery shavings and something else i couldn't identify.she moved the tray toward me and i kindly accepted.i looked at it then took a bite.EEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWW IT WAS GARLIC AND SHE PUT WAY TOO MUCH!!I almost spit it out but held it in,''is something wrong hun?!'',i swallowed it and almost threw up."it's just a little,garlicky.''she frowned a little,"oh i forgot to tell you i dropped the garlic bottle all over it.''i gaged,where is Corey!!

                                                            Corey's p.o.v.

i wasn't looking forward to this i just knew he was gonna try to treat me like a princess and i had no problem with that but it's just i have to go with HIM.I have to act all pretty and nice,like i really care about him.i pulled on some pale green skinnys and a green tank top and put my hair in a messy bun.i put on makeup and admired myself in the mirror,i was hot!now i have to pick out shoes i walked to my shoe closet and picked up some green peep toe heels,now my outfit was complete.i walked down the hall and saw Justin gaging and coughing,he must have tryed my mom's Hors d'oeuvres."i'm ready.'' he looked up at me and licked his lips.....creep.we walked out the door and got in his car not the best car but it'll do.

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