New Guy

Corey was born in a large town in canada she was always being hit on or asked out she never said yes she only settled for people with good looks and big wallets.When she found out Justin Bieber was in town she was so happy she figured having him in town was a open target to getting every thing she could dream of,best part was he was in town looking for his it girl,and she wanted to be that girl.



                                                                  Corey's p.o.v.

"SHUT UP TRACY HE IS NOT!"i waited for her to respond,"YEA HE IS IN TOWN!''now i get what you are thinking.who, and why do you care so much?well who ever thinks that are idiots because he is not just a somebody he is the one and only JUSTIN BIEBER! But let me get back to the conversation,"so i was hoping,since you are all rich and stuff,i was hoping you could,mabye,buy me a ticket to-"i interupted her i didnt care what she was saying,as much as i knew she would beg, id never buy her a ticket."yea yea i hear you bye!"i slammed my phone shut.i grabbed my purse and headed for the door.i was gonna find that Bieber and noone was gonna get in my way.

                                                                  Justin's p.o.v.

 "bye sweetheart."i said as i gave another fan an autograph.Scooter patted my arm"justin closing time."i nodded and signed the last few autographs."WAIT!"a girl about my age ran up."can you please sign this."wow she was beautyful,who was i kidding she was the defenition of beauty."sure."i blushed.she could tell because she giggled, darn me why cant i just keep one thing to my self?!i coudnt help but to look up to get a glance at those shimmering eyes,"here you go." "thank you"she winked at me and slide something on the table"bye".i unfolded the notebook paper and read it:my number 653-9017.SHE GAVE ME HER NUMBER?!THIS REALLY WAS THE BEST DAY!!"JUSTIN",Scooter waved his hand in my face,"EARTH TO JUSTIN."He flicked me in the arm.i was in a glorious day dream and he pulled me away from it i was mad no way more than mad.i grabed the papers on the table and threw them on the ground."WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH YOU MAN!!!!!!!!!!"I screamed i snatched the papers out his hand and threw them in the air which gave me tiime to run away before i got too mad.All i wanted to to go was call that girl.

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