I'm go unnoticed everyday. Overlooked by all. Not bullied. Just quiet. My parents. Well I've never met them. I've been an orphan since I was 6 weeks old. I never knew love. I've heard of it. I have no friends. No one cares about me. Until he came along. Harry. He was stunning. Popular right when he moved here. But I still sat alone. At lunch. During classes. And at the orphanage. But he changed that. He helped me realize who I am. I'm Bella Lopez. (Harry isn't famous in this story)


3. Chapter 3

Harry's POV. 

I walked into school and it was empty. I thought about where everyone could be on a Wednesday. Then it hit me. It's Sr. Ditch day. My mum never let's me skip so she didn't remind me. 

I went to my first class as usual and the teacher Mr. Slew was sleeping. And there was a girl. Sitting quietly reading her book. She looked up and I instantly recognized her big brown eyes. 

"Harry?" Bella asked. 

"Hey Bell." 

"Why aren't you with your friends?" 

"Oh I forgot it was ditch day."

"Then why didn't you leave once you found out?" She asked. 

"Cause I didn't want to miss a lesson." I lied.  I just wanted to say cause bell was there. 

"Oh. Well the teacher is sleeping." She laughed. 

"Yeah. Wanna leave and get something to eat?" I asked. 

"I can't. If a nun found out they'll-" she stopped. "Never mind." 

"No what would they do?" I asked. 

"Nothing. They will just-"

"Bell do they hurt you?" 

"W-what. No."

"Would you tell me?" I asked. 

"Y-yeah of course."

"So we can sneak out and grab some burgers. And I'll have you back here in time so the nuns can pick you up?" I offered. 

"I'd love too. But Harry, what would your friends think?" I asked. 

"Screw my friends Bella! Your my best friend!" I exclaimed. 

WOAH!! She just got friend zoned. 

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