I'm go unnoticed everyday. Overlooked by all. Not bullied. Just quiet. My parents. Well I've never met them. I've been an orphan since I was 6 weeks old. I never knew love. I've heard of it. I have no friends. No one cares about me. Until he came along. Harry. He was stunning. Popular right when he moved here. But I still sat alone. At lunch. During classes. And at the orphanage. But he changed that. He helped me realize who I am. I'm Bella Lopez. (Harry isn't famous in this story)


2. Chapter 2

Harry's POV. 

The next morning I walked into class and saw Bella crying in the corner of the room. 

I was hesitant to go up to her cause I wondered what my "friends" would think. I looked at then to make sure they didn't see me and I went to her. 


She took her head out of her hands and she had a black eye. "Oh hi." She said with a week smile. 

"What happened?" 

"I fell. At um, my, uh orphanage." 

"You work at an orphanage?" I asked. 

"N-no I live there." She said looking down. 

"Oh. I'm sorry."

"Why it's not like you left me there on a door step." She smirked. 

I laughed. "I know, but still." I took another look at her bruise. "Are you sure you fell?"

"Yeah. It's bad isn't it?" 

"No it's uh it's alright. But why were you crying?" I asked. 

"Oh cause I. Never mind."

"No tell me." I cried. 

"My contact was messed up. That's all." 

"Oh well would you like to sit with me at-"

Zayn cut me off. "Harry come here!" 

I looked at zayn then at Bella. "I have to go. I'll see you around?"

She nodded. 

Bella's POV. 

After school I went home. Or should I say to the orphanage. I was greeted by the nuns and by the younger children. One of my favorite little kids there was Maddie. Shes 8 and she has huge blue eyes and dark blonde hair. She was just beautiful. But she was mute. Mute means she can't talk. Maddie talks to me and me only but she stutters so she thinks its best not to speak. 

I looked around and saw that Maddie was crying. 

"What's wrong?" I asked. I sat next to her. 

"C-c-c-chase c-c-called m-me d-deaf cause I-I didn't a-answer h-his question." She stuttered. 

I warped my arms around her. "Don't worry. He's just a jerk. Don't let him get you down babe."

She nodded. 

"Where's nun Hen?" I asked.  Letting her go. 

She shrugged. 

Nun hen was the nice nun. And what I mean is that the other 12 nuns beat the kids. It's morbid. 

"H-how's y-your eye?" Maddie asked. 

"It's better." I smiled even though it hurt like hell. I just didn't wanna worry Maddie. 

My eye was bruised cause one of the older nuns beat me. She said it was cause I was a whore. But I've never done anything to be called that. 

"Bella d-did anyone n-n-notice it?" Maddie asked. 

"Well this boy Harry did. I just told him I fell." I sighed. 

"Is h-he c-cute?" 

"Beautiful. I draw him. And yesterday he noticed my drawing of him and said some nice things. But he's far to good for me."

"Don't s-say that!" She said playfully punching my arm. 

"I know I'm sorry but it's true."

She shook her head no. I laughed and got up to go to the playground out back to sit on the swing like I normally do. 

I slowly swung. Thinking about him. Harry styles. 

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