I'm go unnoticed everyday. Overlooked by all. Not bullied. Just quiet. My parents. Well I've never met them. I've been an orphan since I was 6 weeks old. I never knew love. I've heard of it. I have no friends. No one cares about me. Until he came along. Harry. He was stunning. Popular right when he moved here. But I still sat alone. At lunch. During classes. And at the orphanage. But he changed that. He helped me realize who I am. I'm Bella Lopez. (Harry isn't famous in this story)


1. Chapter 1

Harry's POV.  

 I walked into class and sat with my group of people. Not necessarily friends. But the "popular" people. 

"Hey Harry my man what's up?" My friend Niall said. 

"Tired. You?" 

"Same. I heard Mr. Slew is not teaching so there's a substitute." 

"Sweet." I laughed. 

"SILENCE!" The substitute Mrs. Fellow shouted. 

"She's a bitch!" Louis whispered. 

I nodded. 

"What's 45 times 82?" Mrs. Fellow asked the class. 

She was searching for someone to call on. 

I put my head down hoping I wasn't the one she picked. 

"Bella?" Mrs. Fellow asked. 

I looked at the girl named Bella she had been doodling in her notebook. She looked up at Mrs. Fellow with a bright red face. 

"I-I'm n-not sure." Bella whispered. 

"Speak up miss Lopez!" Mrs. Fellow demanded. 

"I-I don't have the a-answer." Bella stuttered. 

Mrs. Fellow walked up to Bella and picked up her notebook. 

"Is this more important then an education?" She said pointing the Bella's drawing. 

The drawing was of... Me? 

I looked at the drawing then back at Bella. 

Poor girl she was so embarrassed. 

"N-no m-mam." Bella said. 

Mrs. Fellow took her book and threw it in the garbage. 

Bella struggling not to cry let a tear drip down her cheek. 


The bell went off. Bella ran out of the class. I went to the garbage and pulled out her note book. 

All of me second class I looked through it and they were drawings of me. And some of a baby all alone. I didn't understand. Who's the baby?

After second class I had lunch. I brought the notebook just incase i saw bella so i could give it back to her. I looked around and saw my friend Louis waving me towards him. 

I mouthed one second and roamed the room again looking for Bella. 'Maybe she's not in this lunch period.' I started walking to Louis when someone bumped into me. I turned to see Bella. 

Her lunch all over her. And her dark thick hair covered in milk. 

"I'm so sorry!" She panicked. 

"It's my fault. Are you ok?" 

"I'll be fine." She said. She got up and saw her notebook. "How did you get that?" She asked pulling it out of my arms fiercely. 

"I brought it here cause I was gonna give it back to you." I explained. 

"Oh. Well. Thanks." 

"Your welcome. And your an amazing artist." 

"Really thanks." She smiled. 

"Yeah. Hey if I give you a few dollars can I by the portrait you drew of me?" I laughed  

Her smile dropped. "Y-you saw that?" 

"Ya. But don't worry it's cool." 

"Thanks, I guess." She started to walk away. 

"Wait I'm Harry!" 

She kept walking. "Bella!" She yelled back. 

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