Life After Death

You will never find total justice and peace until you are lying 6 foot under. This is for a "life after death" competition so liking, feedback (commenting) and favouriting would be much appreciated. & Just to add this is much more different to the usual things I publish, please enjoy :)


1. Sarah Burrow

I wasn't prepared to die that day, well no one is prepared to die unless you know whats coming. One thing for sure is that I didn't know it was coming. When I was on Earth my mundane name was Rachael Burrow. I had long brown hair, dark brown eyes, a skinny scrawny excuse of a body and white uneven skin. My mothers name was Emma Burrow and my fathers name was Kevin Burrow. I was an only child and attended a school named Saint Heatherson. It was a public school so it was fun attending and I hung around my usual group of friends who were fun to be around. I pretty much lived an average typical life and I almost forgot! I was 14 years old.

It was my birthday that day. I was born on the 1st of May 1997. My parents said that now that I was 14 I could now go to a theme park that I had wanted to go to for a long time now. I rung up Chelsea and Brittany and asked them if they wanted to come and they said that they would love to so on the 1st of May 2012 my friends and I went to the theme park. My parents were going to come but I insisted that I was old enough to go out by myself so in the end it was Chelsea, Brittany and I. Before us three knew it we were going on roller coasters, drinking bottles of soft drink and buying cute things like hair clips and make-up. Brittany said that she was not feeling that good but Chelsea and I both told her to not ruin my birthday so she stopped complaining and kept on going on rides and drinking coke but later on Brittany collapsed. Chelsea and I being the teenagers we were began to freak out since we had no idea what was wrong with her and what we had to do. A few people passed Brittany and stopped by helping us call an ambulance and get her to a hospital. Relieved and tired, Chelsea and I agreed that what had happened had now put us both off from celebrating my 14th birthday. Ringing up my parents and telling them what had happened was the best thing to do so I rung them up and told them I was going to make my own way back home. My parents didn't approve with it but after a few minutes of fighting and yelling, my parents let me catch a train home. I was feeling a bit bad after yelling at them but then again I was now 14, I could now do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. Making my way towards the train station I said goodbye to Chelsea since she was being picked up by her mum. I went to platform 1 and saw that the train was going to come in around 30 minutes. I loosened my satchel which hung on my shoulder, placed it on my lap and began to look at the cool things I had purchased today. Looking at my things delighted I began to swing my legs back and forth sitting on the chair trying to think up of what I was going to do tomorrow.
Tomorrow never came.

The next day it came on the news that a young girl aged 14 had been brutally murdered by a serial rapist. He had groped her by the neck and sexually assaulted her for around 30 minutes which was engaged by a passerby who called security and got the situation dealt with. My news issue took around 3 minutes of being aired to the world before the next issue popped up. Channel 10 wasn't doing such a great job I had found out.

I can still remember the man grabbing me by the neck. Some things that happen at a crime scene does not always reach the news. For example this mans name was Thomas Kerk and he had been charged before for sexually assaulting a 7 year old girl outside her school. Something else which was apparently "not important enough" for the news to state was that I was alive for the first 15 minutes of being sexually assaulted before my body had given up. That would mean that he consciously was harassing a 14 year old's corpse for another 15 minutes but no the news did not want listeners to know this as well.

I remember hearing the man swear at me before he began. I also remember my lungs slowly giving up and my heart beginning to slow down. I remember attending my funeral where Chelsea, Brittany, mum and dad cried throughout the whole day. I was there. I was there sitting down in the ceremony watching everyone say there final goodbyes. My school held an assembly honoring my life and how I was a good girl. Some people believe that when you die you go somewhere. I remember watching my parents close my bedroom door and blaming one another over my death. My corpse was covered with a white cloth to hide the scars left by the man. It has now been a year and I still sit to this day on my grave stone. My parents and friends came to visit me yesterday and they gave me flowers, chocolates and cards. I cannot descend to hell nor ascend to heaven. I died while thinking about a better tomorrow. I died regretting that I on the last night of my life I had not been a true friend to Brittany and listened to her when she said she was not sick. I had not listened to my parents about not being old enough and through the last few moments of my life I had died arrogant. Now it was all too late and even though my tomb stone stated at the top rest in peace, I was hoping that sometime soon I would find peace in death.



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