Unexpected encounters

Justin Bieber, 23: Goes to the U.k to adopt a child.
He see's one child that is 15 but he must have her. But makes a huge mistake that changes EVERYTHINGGGG


1. Headed to the U.K

I'm just going to jump right into the story, basically Justin is 23 and not as famous anymore. So he decides to travel to the U.K to adopt a Child, Where i'll but starting is Justin's Limo driver (Ed) is rushing him to get in to the car. Enjoyyyyyy.


Justin's pov

 Ed: Let's go Justin we don't have time for this.

Justin: Hold on, Hold on. I reach and grab all of my Cosmetics for the rode and bounce out of the house, now where off to the U.K

Ed: So, You excited to be a daddy Justin.

Justin: I'm pretty damn nervous to be honest but yeah. I feel bad that he/she isn't going to have a mom though.

Ed: Yeah I guess. It is gonna be a long ride from California to the U.K. But i'm glad we're going After 26 long silent hours of riding we final arrived, I went and got a hotel room for the next 3 weeks in Home's Capel. Tomorrow i'll be headed to the adoption agencie's. (;

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