Sweet Revenge

Do you know the feeling when you get treated horribly even though you knew you didn't deserve it? Kendall Jones does. An unexpected twist of fate brings them back together and what's the result you may ask?
The teasing, the pranking, the annoyance and mostly the hate.

After awhile and then, Harry learned that Kendall was Zayn's cousin. And because of that they had to take her with them on tour. They bond closer and closer than ever but will that change their feelings for each other?

"I think I just regreted what I've done to her in my whole life"


6. "Stalker much?" -Kendall


More things heating up in this chappie! :O

Yeahh .. Maybe not in a good way.

So yeah...




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~~ ♥ ♪ CHAPTER 5 ♪ ♥ ~~

~Kendall's P.O.V.~

"Kendall, sweetie. Wake up. It's 7:00" I heard my mum say, shaking my shoulders softly. Waking me up.

I groaned and covered myself up with the blanket.

"Sweetie, you're going shopping with your friends remember? Don't wanna be late" she said walking out of my bedroom.

I shot out of my bed and took a shower.


After few relaxing minutes later, I finished showering and changed into a grapefruit colored strap dress with a jean jacket to cover my arms, dark blue converse and my brown sling bag. I put my hair in a high messy ponytail and I'm ready to go. (Outfit on external link)

I ran down the stairs and devoured my breakfast, which is tacos.

I remember the time when me and Harry used to eat tacos when we're younger...

Oh snap out of it Kendall, stop thinking about him.

I sighed and ate my taco.

After I ate, I quickly brushed my teeth and rushed out of the door. I hopped in my car and started the ignition.

Chloe said that I'll be picking her up in her house with Kaylee.

I drove to her house, not bothering to turn on the radio. I never want to hear his voice again.

I arrived at her house and ran towards the porch. I knocked on the door silently. Chloe's mum answered.

"Goodmorning Ms. Parker, is Chloe here?" I greeted. Looking around their house for any signs of Chlo around.

"Oh hi Kendall, yes she is, upstairs her room. You can come in if you like"

"Oh no thanks Ms. Parker, I'll just call her"

"Okay and please darling, call me Carrie. Ms.Parker makes me feel old." she smiled and called Chloe from upstairs.

I nodded and saw her running down from the stairs.

"Hi Kennie! Wait a sec" Chloe said, dissapearing for a second and then came back at the next.

"Bye mum!" she yelled and shut the door.

"You look breath-taking Kennie! You should totally go in a modelling business!" Chloe said smiling warmly.

"Yeah, not really. I'm still sticking up for the singing thing and you are much more prettier than me Chlo" I smiled back.

"Hop on" I ordered and she hopped inside the car as I hopped in after her.

"So.. what's been bothering you?" she asked calmly.

"Well do you remember Ha-Styles?" I asked, turning on the ignition.

"The boy who was your best friend and betrayed you in a snap?" she asked and rolled her eyes. She despises him like I do.

"You bet he is" I say annoyed, keeping my eyes on the road.

"So what about him?"

"We saw each other last night, at Starbucks" I said smirking, recalling the time when I saw the look on his face when he saw me.

"And then?" she asked a little shocked.

"Hes surprise to see me, and I bet he was checking me out" I laughed a little.

"Woah, woah wait. Holdup, you don't think?" she smirked.

"No way Chlo, he hates me and I hate him more. Nothing is happening between us. After all, I just embarrassed him in front of his friends and the public" I said in an annoyed tone.

"Hmm.. Just like old times huh?" she sighed.

"Yeah, I guess we'll remain like this if we keep seeing each other" I sighed as well.

"Oh well, nothings really changed. And whats worse is that hes famous. He is known around the world with his guys. I think he has a band named One Direction?" she stated, more like a question.

"Oh great, let me guess. They are performing here and they are probably chased around by girls. Pathetic much?" I said even more annoyed.

"Well, focus on the road girl. I think theres a traffic jam ahead" she said. I looked further outside and she was right, there is a traffic jam. Great.

I groaned and heard screaming of girls not too far from here.

"Uhh.. why are there psychotic girls screaming and running around like they have seen a celebrity?" I asked taking a peek at the windows of my car, seeing girls running around and screaming. Good thing this car has thick glass windows.

"Well, it is because they did" she sighed.

I saw the stoplight finally turning green and drove my car to life again.

"Finally!" I groaned and I heard Chloe chuckle behind me.

"Yay! We're almost there! Forever 21 here I come!" she yelled excitedly.

"Ya know I'm in front of you right?" I groaned.

"Yeah!" she yelled louder.

Oh gosh for a short girl, this girl can surely scream.

We arrived at the mall and parked my car in an empty parking space.

I locked my car with my keys and put them in my bag.

"Let's go!" I said cheerfully as me and Chloe walked inside the mall.

We do our usual routine. Find. Wear. Buy.

I bought two bags of clothes while Chloe bought five. Shes really quite the fashionista.

"Hey Chlo can we stop at the foodcourt? I'm hungry" I whined, we were shopping for 2 hours and my stomach can't take it anymore.

"Sure, you find us a table and I'll order. What you'd like?" she asked, scanning the menu.

"I'd like a chocolate milkshake" I smiled as she nodded and went to the counter to order.

I started texting with Kaylee until a flash caught my attention.

~Harry's P.O.V.~

"Good thing we were able to get our hoodies" I said breathing heavily.

We were being chased by girls for the past two hours and we finally got out hoodies, which made us less noticeable.

"Let's stop by at the foodcourt" Niall whined and we had to follow. You don't wanna see a cranky leprechaun everyday.

I was searching around the room, hoping nobody notices us. Until a girl caught my eye. Kendall.

She was just sitting there silently, texting somebody at her phone. I can't help but stare. She did change from the years before. Shes becoming a lady and more mature but the scene she caused last night just topped it all off.

I was just staring at her until someone flashed a picture of her, she looked surprised. I chuckled at her reaction and the guys just gave me a weird look.

A guy started approaching her and I don't know who the heck it was.

It seems like they were having a conversation. They shaked hands. talked and laughed.

I can feel my blood boiling inside me. I don't know why I felt jealous. I have no interest in her or whatsoever. But something about her just reels me in. The guy left and left her there sitting back into silence. She turned to look at my direction and she was shocked, she quickly looked away.

"Uhh guys, wait a sec" I reassured them and walked towards Kendall.

~Kendall's P.O.V.~

Crap. Crap. Crap. Harry's here.

I quickly turned away as I caught him staring at me. I heard footsteps close to me and I don't want to bother who it was.

"We gotta stop running into each other, seriously" he said softly. I turned to face him, nervous and put his hands on his pocket.

"Actually, I was just sitting here while you just approach me. It isn't much of 'running into each other' thing now isn't it?" I answered, giving him a small smile.

"See you got already a boyfriend huh?" he said smirking, looking somewhere far away.

My head shot up at his statement. "Wait what? Hes not my boyfriend Styles. Hes just a guy. He said he got in a bet for taking pictures of 5 girls who he thinks was pretty" I snapped. "Stalker, much?" I mumbled.

He was speechless and her face turned into a blank expression. I tried to process everything he said and his expression. Then it hit me.

"Wait.. Are you.. jealous?" I said smirking, looking at his eyes. Trying to read it.

"What? N-no!" he stuttered.

"If ya say so Styles" I responded, rolling my eyes and turning them back to my phone.

"I am not!" he hissed, making me chuckle at his amateurishness.

"Just please leave okay? You made my life horrible enough! And now you're ruining my day-off!" I hissed standing up.

"And what will you do about it?" he teased, crossing his arms at his chest.

"I'm giving you one last chance Styles. Leave or things will get worse" I teased, ignoring his question.

He stood still with a smirk on his face. He doesn't wanna go huh?

"You leave me with no choice then" I chuckled coldy. "Oh my gosh! It's Harry Styles!" I screamed and girls from the foodcourt screamed as well running towards Harry.

Harry gave me a glare and ran out of my table. I sat down on my seat and covered myself for any impact coming towards me.

As soon as the screaming and yelling was gone. I looked at his table and the rest were gone as well. I relaxed into my seat and Chloe is soon back with our orders, breathing heavily.

"Chlo? don't tell me you chased after those guys too?!" I hissed.

"Hey! I didn't chase for Harry duh! I chased for Zayn!" she blushed and put our orders down.

I rolled my eyes in response and drank my milkshake.

"That was pretty good payback Kennie" she smiled.

"It was worth it. Who does he think he is? Coming over and insult me? No way honey" I said imitating a European accent.

She rolled her eyes and ate her hotdog bun.

After we ate, we went on shopping for more clothes and luckily the guys might have left.


"This is an awesome malling day with you Kennie!" Chloe said cheerfully as she hops on my car.

"Yeah! Again another successful payback to Styles" I smirked.

"You go girl!" she laughed.

"You don't think, hes plotting something for revenge. Does he?" I said a little nervous.

"Maybe, he won't stop playing his games if he doesn't win" she shrugged.

We drove in silence. I need to think of a better plan if I'll be plotting revenge on Harry.

And I know just what to do.

~Harry's P.O.V.~

"Harry! You shouldn't have talked to that girl!" Liam scolded me.

"You should've known she would react that way and please keep your pranks and revenge to her not in public?!" he continued.

I shrugged. I can't help it! I would've embarrass her on the spot but I can't!

Arggh! Why does she have to be so hot?!

I hate myself. I buried my head in hands.

"Why does she have to be so beautiful?!" I cursed myself.

"Oouhh.. Beautiful huh?" Zayn smirked.

"It's hard to fight back! Okay?!" I hissed and stomped towards my room.

Louis followed after me and gave me a small smirk.

"Don't worry mate, she doesn't know whats coming after her" he said reassuring me.

I smirked at his statement.

Payback time.

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