Sweet Revenge

Do you know the feeling when you get treated horribly even though you knew you didn't deserve it? Kendall Jones does. An unexpected twist of fate brings them back together and what's the result you may ask?
The teasing, the pranking, the annoyance and mostly the hate.

After awhile and then, Harry learned that Kendall was Zayn's cousin. And because of that they had to take her with them on tour. They bond closer and closer than ever but will that change their feelings for each other?

"I think I just regreted what I've done to her in my whole life"


9. "I miss this" -Harry


The chapter 8 train is on the goooo!!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy the ride ;D



~~ ♥ ♪ CHAPTER 8 ♪ ♥ ~~

~Kendall's P.O.V.~

Hmm.. going to Louis' flat eh? That means Harry's there.

Well, today's gonna be awkward.

I changed into a colorful and bright outfit to express my mood (In external link)

I throw my hair in a ponytail, I grabbed my red shoulder bag and I'm off..

~Harry's P.O.V.~

Dang it. Dang it. Dang it.

Shes coming here today.

Zayn gave her our address and she weirdly but happily agreed coming here. Still one thing got me thinking.

Zayn's her cousin.

The best revenge shes done yet. I think I might throw up. Nevermind I just did.

"Harry! Why did you threw up?" Louis asked concernly. "Certain reasons" I answered blankly. "Harry, just face the reality. Shes your best mate's cousin and theres nothing else to change that. And our decision's already made. You could have spoken up about it yesterday" he shrugged. Sometimes I think Lou is some kind of mind reader.

"I don't know. A part of me wanted to see her and a part of me doesn't want to" I answered, sighing furiously.

"Looks like you fancy her" Louis said nudging my arm playfully. I gave him a glare. Yeah Kendall's pretty and the perfect choice but because of the history we had together, isn't going to get us anywhere.

"Ya know, if we didn't hate each other. I probably might" I said burying my head in my hands. Why is this so complicated?

"Just relax Harry, just I dunno pretend that you're fine with her around at least. Do it for Zayn" he reassured me.

"Okay,for Zayn" I mumbled as I heard a doorbell.

Here goes nothing.

Louis ran downstairs as I walked quietly from behind him.

I heard Louis yell "I'll get it!"

Then Niall "No I will!"

"No me!" Zayn yelled as well then as they run they fell on top of each other.

Liam rolled his eyes from the sofa and went back on watching tv. Because of the condition these guys I have, I might as well be the one to answer the door. Another doorbell ring. Oh dang it Harry! Be a man.

I walked towards the door, avoiding the boys. And opened it..

~Kendall's P.O.V.~

Here goes nothing.

I rang the doorbell and brushed the dust off my top. I heard footsteps running through the door and some several yells.

"I'll get it!"

"No I will!"

"No me!'

I controlled myself from laughing as a curly headed boy opened the door.

"Hey Harry" I greeted as nice as I can.

"Hey" he shrugged and let me in.

I walked towards their apartment and not surprisingly it's pretty big.

"Kennie!!" I heard a very familiar voice yell. I turned and saw Zayn crushing me in a bear hug.

"Hi Zaynie!" I chuckled.

"Aww.. Family reunions are just so sweet aren't they?" I heard Louis cooed. I rolled my eyes and let go of Zayn.

"You must be Louis?" I asked as I held out my hand.

"Yep! And you're Kendall?" he said as he takes my hand and shaked it.

"You bet!" I smiled.

He stepped back and whispered something to Harry, loud enough for me to hear.

"Ya know, I don't get the slightest idea why you hate her" he whispered.

"I'm right here.. Ya know.. I can hear you." I smirked.

"Oh haha. Well that's Liam.." he gestured to a brown headed guy, with a sort of Justin Bieber hairstyle that was busy watching tv. "That's Niall.." he pointed to a blonde, eating a bowl of popcorn. Each of them gave me a wave and I gave them a shy smile.

"Oh and this is Harry, well, I think you two know each other already anyways.." he said gesturing to Harry. "Actually we do" He flashed me a sincere smile as I smiled shyly back.

"Okay then! Whos up for some movies?" Louis suddenly shouted. All of us raise our hands as the boys walked towards the sofa corner and made themselves comfortable. I walked towards them and saw no space available but only by the very corner of the sofa, next to Harry.

I shrugged as I made my way there and sat.

Harry gave me a smile as I smile back and broke out of his gaze immediately.

Why was he being nice to me? Did he really change? Or did he got forced to?

~Harry's P.O.V.~

When she hugged Zayn and they stood beside each other, I just noticed the resemblance between them. Both of them have the chocolate brown eyes and perfect jawline, but Kendall's hair is nut brown and her look is more of an American.. In the attitude, shes like, Zayn's girl version. Their both shy and timid but when they get mad, well, you don't wanna know what happens if they get mad.

As she sat down beside me, I felt my heart skip a beat. It's like 3 years ago all over again. I sighed quietly and gave her a sincere smile as she smiled back. But as she looks away from my gaze, I knew she was thinking about something. She was confused and so was I.

"You're thinking hard" I chuckled.

She shrugged. "Yeah, about work and stuff. Since I'm going with you guys, I don't know what sort of things I would be leaving behind, and it just upsets me not knowing it" She explained.

I nodded and turned my attention back to the tv. I knew she thought about other things. But I didn't want to get to far anyways.

~Kendall's P.O.V.~

What am I going to do with myself?

I'm pretending to be normal around Harry and I bet that he was too. But because of this, it reminds me of the times when me and Harry were still bestfriends. The time when I loved him. I let out a small sigh and turned my attention back to the tv.

Since we were watching a horror movie, I got so excited. Horror movies don't really scare me but I would like to see their faces when they do. I looked at everybody peeking away from Harry, seeing Niall with a bowl on his head, which covered his eyes. Liam was not really paying attention to the movie, hes busy texting. Zayn was asleep, as always. Louis was clinging on Harry's ankle since he was sitting on the floor. And Harry well, was just tensed up but his face so focused on the tv.

"Now you're thinking hard" I chuckled, imitating the words he said awhile ago.

He chuckled a little as well. "Kendall, I really miss this" he whispered looking into my eyes, full of hope.

"Miss wha-"

"Oohh! The movie's over!" Louis interrupted, standing up from the floor, pretending that he was sad but actually I knew he was pretty happy.

I looked at Harry who just sighed and stood up, following Louis.

I checked and looked at my watch. 8:00.

"Uhh guys, I gotta go. When is the tour?" I asked as I stood up from the couch.

"Tomorrow" Zayn said sternly, putting his arm around my back.

"Oh.. yeah.." I trailed off. Well looks like I'll be explaning this to my parents now. "Okay then, see you tomorrow and Zayn you know where I live anyways" I said giving him a peck on the cheek.

"Okay Kennie, see ya tomorrow!" he chirped.

I smiled and walked towards the door until I bumped into Harry, not again.

"Sorry" I said a little embarrassed, he chuckled.

"It's fine really" he smiled and walked away.

My eyebrows were scrunching in curiosity.

What did Harry miss?

Is he really pretending to be nice or is this the real thing?

I sighed as I closed the door from behind me and took a bus, going home.

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