Sweet Revenge

Do you know the feeling when you get treated horribly even though you knew you didn't deserve it? Kendall Jones does. An unexpected twist of fate brings them back together and what's the result you may ask?
The teasing, the pranking, the annoyance and mostly the hate.

After awhile and then, Harry learned that Kendall was Zayn's cousin. And because of that they had to take her with them on tour. They bond closer and closer than ever but will that change their feelings for each other?

"I think I just regreted what I've done to her in my whole life"


7. "Dream on Styles" -Kendall


Umm.. Excuse m--

Uhh.. Excuse me!

EXCUSE MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*dead slient*





~~ ♥ ♪ CHAPTER 6 ♪ ♥ ~~

~Harry's P.O.V.~

I woke up and I was in a pretty bad mood.

But something enlightened me up.

I feel an evil smirk taped on my face.

I plotted an evil scheme to get back at Kendall and it is pretty simple. This scheme wouldn't like be that others I plotted that are very childish and well, old.

This would be the greatest scheme yet.

Can't wait to see her reaction.

I'm practically imagining it right now.

"Uhh Harry?!" I heard Louis screamed, which made me suddenly jump.

"Huh what?" I asked looking around confused.

"You have that creepy smirk in your face and it's creeping me out" he said before turning to the door. "Oh and breakfast is ready" he said peeking into the door again.

I groaned and got out of my bed. I put on a new batch of clothes and walked downstairs.

"What's the menu for today?" I asked.

"Tacos" Zayn answered.

A bright smile crossed my face, as soon as Niall heard it he does the same. He ran into the kitchen and I ran after him.

"COMING THROOOUUUGH!!!" I yelled, coming first to the kitchen.

"Not fair!" he pouted as I took a bite of the newly cooked taco.

I rolled my eyes for him being immature as he takes his own taco and sstomped back to the dining room.

I continued eating the tacos and it was pretty good. I shrugged remembering the times me and Kendall used to eat tacos together when we were 5. Time passes by so quickly.

I sighed as I finish off my taco and sat on the living room couch.

~Kendall's P.O.V.~

Normal day. Normal breakfast. Normal family.

Normal life.

Well apart from HIM being involved in it.

Argh! I can't even forget about him!

I hate him. I hate him.

I just mentally face-palmed myself.

Now I need to prepare myself from his evel schemes.

After the scene yesterday, it would be impossible if he doesn't do his payback.

All's well, end's well I hope.

I changed into a green, flowy dress and grey high heels and grabbed my silver, British flagged purse with my hair on a simple ponytail.

I got out of the house and drove into my car.

It's very awkward for me to take a risk to turn on the radio again. I clearly don't even wanna hear his cocky voice even in a radio or television. Just saying his name makes me sick. I'm gonna barf. Thanks Styles. Barf.

I know what you're thinking. How could I possibly hate him this much?

Well firstly, he betrayed me and treated me like a worthless piece of crap. Secondly, hes a complete jerk. Thridly, hes a total flirt and would get a one night stand with a girl, who he doesn't even know her name. And fourthly, well... Let me explain this to you in a flashback.

*Flashback 3 years ago*

I was just sitting here peacfully, reading my favorite book near a fountain.

Until a certain shadow crossed my book, which made it difficult for me to read.

"Umm excuse me?" I said, moving the book away from the shadow and into the light.


My head shot up from the familliar voice and my eyes widened because he called me 'Kendall'.

"Oh wow, Kendall? I was expecting more of a Kendog or --"

"Would you go out with me?" he blurted out, making my eyes widened bigger. Seriously? He asked me out after the annoying fights we had?

"Seriously Harry? After all we've been through and you would have the nerve to ask me out!? Are you out of your mind?" I hissed, standing up. I felt a slight feeling of guilt seeing his shocked expression on his face.

His shock expression turned into an angry one. "You snooze, you lose Kendog" he said bitterly and turned looking away and ran back to the school building.

*End of flashback*

Still I felt bad for him, after all I did have a crush on him before. And turning him down just shattered my heart. But I can't help it! The part I hate him is overpowering the part, the matter of fact I love him.

Argh! I can't stand these complications anymore!

I suddenly got honked by a car horn and some people yelling "unexpected" things at me.

I immediately got back to reality and realized I've stopped my car. I turned on the ignition again and drove off to Starbucks.

Luckily, I didn't get to hear his voice on my radio.

Hopefully, I won't get to see his face in the cafe.

~Harry's P.O.V.~

"Haz, do you think you're making a good desicion here?" Liam asked me.

"She deserves it" I said fixing the microphone stand up.

We took our positions as we heard the entrance bell rang and a young lady came rushing through the door.

We heard a couple of yells here and there. When she got inside, she looked up to us surprised.

You might wanna know what we're talking about right?

*Flashback an hour ago*

Me and the boys came rushing through the doors of Starbucks and took a seat on our chairs.

"Are you really sure about this Haz?" Zayn asked.

I nodded confidently and worked my way up to the counter.

"Can I please talk to the manager?" I asked kindly. She nodded and called somebody from an office.

A tall woman appeared and walked towards the counter.

"What can I do to help you Sir?" she asked, boringly. Good thing she didn't recognized us.

"I was planning on doing a preposition for you." I said

"And what kind of preposition?"

"Can me and the guys perform on stage for only this night? Well, I know you do have a performer hired and her name is Kendall. But she got a flu and she asked us to perform for her" I smiled.

"And how may I know if you spoke the truth?" she asked, suspiciously.

I didn't say anything and just flashed her one of my killer smiles. She blushed. Oh wow, now older women likes me too? Great I guess.

"Okay you can for only one night" she answered flirtatiously. I really wanna barf.

"Okay thank you" I answered quickly and made my way back to the boys.

*End of flashback*

She gave me a 'what-the-hell-are-you-doing-here' look.

I smirked as a young lady. Whom I 'talked' to awhile ago, escort her to a seat. Making her even more furious.

~Kendall's P.O.V.~

As I arrive Starbucks. Kaylee, the waitress I've been talking to you about, rushed to the door.

"Kendall, whatever happens, don't hate me okay?" she said shakily.

I gave her a confused look. "What are you talking a-" I was cutted off, seeing him and the others on stage. They were gonna perform. I mentally facepalmed myself. Nice revenge Styles.

I gave Harry a glare. He just smirked at me. Kaylee escorted me towards an empty seat. This is not gonna turn out good.

I huffed and crossed my arms across my chest. Harry smirked at me even more which made me turn around, and not look at them.

Yeah we got a bit of love/hate

Take me to the edge when we hit the brakes

I shot my head up back to the stage hearing their familiar voices. First singing up was Liam. Even though he was singing, he didn't focus on me, of course, I know as much as he does that he doesn't want to do this either. He was only being forced by Styles to do it for revenge.

I-I-I say it's over one day,

But then I'm crawling back begging you to stay.

We make up and we break up all the time.

They sang so good, I feel my feet tapping to the beat. And I was. I immediately stopped it, I was suppose to hate them. Well only Styles though. But that counts anyways. I took a glance at him and he just winked. Oh gosh, being the flirty one eh?

I'll say that I hate a song,

Then you'll go request it the whole night long

Some people say it was so wrong,

But even when we fight, you turn me on.

Next up was Niall.

We make up and we break up all the time.

And next was "GREATLY" him.

We're like na na na,

Then we're like yeah, yeah, yeah

He sang looking towards me, smirking. This was what I done to him last night. Embarrass him. I felt a light tap on my shoulder, a man was completely annoyed and gestured to my hand that was clawing the desk of frustration. I was completely embarrassed and removed my hand away from the table immediately. I turned back on to the boys, Styles saw the whole thing and let out a small laugh.

I rolled my eyes at him and they continued on with the song.

After the chorus they all jumped from the stage and splitted up to different people. Gesturing them through the song and when the chorus is almost up. Styles walked to me with a smirk. Crap. Crap. Crap.

We're like na na na,

Then we're like yeah, yeah, yeah

Always like na na na,

Then we're like yeah, yeah, yeah

He sang to me while holding my hand and kissed it at the end of his solo. Charming -__-

I rolled my eyes as he walked back up to the stage and continued on with the song.

After they sang an big round of applause came from the people in the crowd that I never noticed was forming. The people went back into their seats while some psychotic girls, fan-girling, ran towards them and begged for their autographs.

I felt like I need to take a pee.

Awkward ain't it?

I walked fastly towards the chaotic crowd, through the restroom. But a hand caught my wrist and pinned me to wall.

"What do you want Harry? You already got your revenge" I huffed, trying to be less violent as possible.

"It's not yet finished" he said with his cheeky smile and leaned in fastly. But I was faster.

I quickly slided down, crouching and crawled in between his legs. Making him kiss the wall. I stood up from behind him, without him noticing.

I giggled as he noticed and was completely shocked, looking to every side.

"Looking for someone?" I asked smirking, behind him.

He turned around, smirking back and leaned closer to whisper in my ear.

"It's not yet finished Jones" he said and went off, leaving my mouth open wide like an idiot.

I quickly closed it and smirked.

Dream on Styles.

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