Sweet Revenge

Do you know the feeling when you get treated horribly even though you knew you didn't deserve it? Kendall Jones does. An unexpected twist of fate brings them back together and what's the result you may ask?
The teasing, the pranking, the annoyance and mostly the hate.

After awhile and then, Harry learned that Kendall was Zayn's cousin. And because of that they had to take her with them on tour. They bond closer and closer than ever but will that change their feelings for each other?

"I think I just regreted what I've done to her in my whole life"


8. "6 months with her" -Harry

Chapta 7!

Woohoo! :P


~~ ♥ ♪ CHAPTER 7 ♪ ♥ ~~

~Kendall's P.O.V.~

"Kennie!! Wake-y wake-y!" I saw my little sister jumping up and down my bed. Typical.

"Uggghhh..." I moaned, tossing and turning, trying to forget and ignore her jumping.

"Kennie!!" she whined. "Tell mum I'll be over in.." I said and tossed, lying on my front. "A few hours" I said quietly word by word.

I felt the weight on my bed lighten up. Thank goodness.

(2 hours later)

"You're a horrible sister" I heard Chloe say from the doorway, referring to me and Layla. "And you're an annoying friend" I answered as I finally got up and rubbed my eyes. I checked the clock and it was 11 in the morning! Crap! I'm freaking late for work. "No no! I'm freaking late!" I said rushing out of bed.

"Well goodmorning to you too" she rolled her eyes "Your mum called the manager and said you could take the day-off, she noticed the tension and stress you're getting in the past few days, which with what I assume, was a guy" she said, smirking.

"I'll talk to you about that later" I groaned as she went downstairs.

"Get down here Kendall! Your mum's making pancakes!" she screamed from downstairs.

I rolled my eyes and got up. I ran downstairs seeing my little sister, Layla, playing with her dolly, my mum, flipping pancakes from the pan, and Chlo, busily texting, who I assumed was her boyfriend, Drake.

"Oh goodmorning dear, hows sleep?" my mum asked.

"Better" I said scratching my head and fixed it with my hands.

"Kennie, dear, please take your mind off him. It's much more better if you did" my mum sighed as she lays down a tray of pancakes.

"I wish I could, but he would just probably go back to the cafe, every single day just to annoy me" I sighed. "He must have probably stolen my job by now, since that incident" I sighed, furiously. I glanced at Chlo, noticing her worried expression to me. I mouthed her "I'll talk about it later" She gave me a weak nod and went back texting.

"Don't think like that sweetie, it would mostly happen if you did" she sighed, patting my back.

"I.. I don't know mum" I said closing my eyes and breathed deeply. I was in my happy place. The day I started my job, and then after every shift I had, I would have Austin peck me on the lips and hug me, whispering that I would do great. And if you're probably wondering, Austin was my highschool crush back then.. until now. I was suddenly woken up out of my daydreams.

"Kennie!!" Layla whined, pulling my ankles. As she noticed me looking at her she stopped and giggled "Finally! You're awake!" she giggled and ran back to her spot.

"Sweetie, I know you're thinking of Austin like you always do but, hes just a crush" my mum shrugged, I sighed. She was right. Austin is nothing else but just a distant memory.

"You're right" I said, giving in. What can I say? My mum's always right.

"Well, Kennie I suggest we should go to the carnival. Drake's gonna tag along as well" she said. Her smile getting bigger mentioning Drake's name. Oh boy, these two are so inlove.

"As long as you won't make me feel like 'forever alone' everytime I see you snog each other's faces off" I rolled my eyes.

"Don't worry about it!" she smiled patting my shoulder and ran to the door. "I'll wait for ya outside" she continued and closed the door.

"Looks like I'll be going to the carnival today then" I sighed.

"That's good! That will keep your mind out of ... certain things.." my mum stuttered. I mentally face-palmed myself. Thanks for reminding me mum.

"Okay then.. See ya at 3!" I chirped as I walked towards the door and closed it from behind.

"Can we leave now?" I asked Chloe, she said she was driving this time, finally. My hands are cramping for getting the same position everyday and today, I would be just gazing outside my windows.

"Oki-Doki" she chirped as she skipped towards her white automobile and I followed her.


"For the last time, everything looks great on you! Just pick one already!" I hissed. Chlo has been choosing between a purple, satin dress and a black, fitted- dress. She has been annoying me in asking for the past 30 minutes. She said there was still an hour before the movie, so she wanted to look her best since she was going with Drake as well.

"Ugh! Fine! I'll pick this one" she said as she grabbed a white, floral dress. But hesitated. "Or maybe this one" she said handling the black dress again. "Whatya think?" she asked, totally forgetting what I said earlier. I gave myself a mental facepalm.

This is gonna be a loong day.


"Drake!" Chlo squealed as she saw Drake barged in her apartment door.

"Hi cupcake!" Drake greeted happily and gave her a passionate kiss.

Yeah I'm used to it.

Okay now stop kissing guys..

(2 minutes later)

Stop kissing...

(5 minutes later)

Seriously, stop it..

(8 minutes later)

Uhh.. I'm right here..

(10 minutes later)

Okay I had enough!

"Dude!" I yelled and they jumped apart each other. Chlo's makeup was smeared all over her face. Great job.

"Sorry" she blushed, pecking Drake's lips.

"Seriously! Get a room!" I face palmed.

"We will" Drake said giving an evil grin to Chlo who was bright red as a tomato.

"AHH!! STOP IT ALREADY! is our plans for a movie still on? Because I would be even more happy to know that I could go home immediately and NOT witness your snog sessions just please!" I groaned.

I looked away from the magazine and saw them kissing again, I doubt it they were even listening to me. I rolled my eyes and left. Gosh, I just told Chlo not to do that while I'm here.

I left the apartment building and noticed, and mostly totally forgot that I didn't bring my car. Chlo was suppose to pick me up and bring me home. But I clearly don't wanna disturb them anyways.

While I was walking, I've decided to give Chloe a warning.

Hey gurl! Have fun (If ya know what I mean) But use protection! I'm not ready to be an aunty! xx.

I laughed at myself a little and walked towards the bus stop.

I was waiting for a bus, while someone with an unfamiliar caller I.D. called.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Hi, I would like a Hawaiian pizza, with extra pineapples and lay off the peppers. Also bring 5 soda cans. Thank you very much"

"Uhh.. If you're asking for pizza. I'm not the pizza lady nor this is the pizza palace.."

~Harry's P.O.V.~

We were just sitting there lazily on the couch, waiting for Niall to finish ordering our pizzas. Until a shock expression go through his face.

"Uhh.. then who is this?" he asked. Uh-oh he dialed the wrong number again.

"Next time I'll be calling the pizza place" Louis whispered.

"Oh, I'm sorry then miss Jones" Niall answered. Wait. Wait. Did he just say 'Jones?'

"Niall wai-" Too late he already hung up the phone.

"What Harry?" he sighed as Louis grabbed the phone and tried to diall the pizza place.

"Hello, we woul-" he started but I grabbed the phone and ended the call.

"What the?" Louis said completely shocked.

I ignored him and searched the recent calls of the phone. I got the unfamiliar number and dialled it.

I heard the very familiar voice answer. I put it on speaker.


"Hey Kendall" I smirked.

"Ha-Harry? What the? How did you get my number?!" she hissed furiously.

"Actually, my friend here, dialled the wrong number and luckily, it was yours" I smiled.

"Psh.. yeah.. yeah Styles"

"So why weren't you at Starbucks this morning?"

"Because of you" she huffed.

"It's a simple thing called revenge dear. Now you could taste your own medicine as well"

"Harry! If you freaking hate me then why are you trying to chase me huh?"

"Just to annoy you" I smirked.

"Ugh! You're unbelievable!" she groaned.

"Just like ol'e times eh buddy?" I said sarcastically.

"Yeah.. Just get ready for tomorrow Styles. You don't wanna know what I got planned" she answered. I could just see her smirk forming at her lips.

"Does this involve the bedroom?" I asked, laughing while the others were trying to cover their mouths from laughing.

"Hell no!" she shouted, making me wince.

"HaHa Just kidding Kendog"

"Yeah, whatever Styles."

I was about to answer her but Zayn grabbed the phone. I gave him the what-the-hell look.

"Excuse me Kendall, but I advise you to stop talking to my friend Harry here, so that we won't have to waste your time"

"Thanks for the warning Zayn" she answered. How does she know him?

"No probs" he said smiling. How does he know her?

"Wait, how do you two know each other?" I asked, shockingly.

"Styles, Zayn's my cousin" she said seriously. I froze right there. This is just unexpected.

"Ah wha-?" I tried to say and looked at Zayn nodding his head.

"And why didn't I ever knew about this?" I raised my eyebrows.

"Well, because firstly, you're a jerk. Secondly, me and Zayn have a very close bonding even we live halfway across the world, he decided that we're going to keep it a secret since I don't want any paparazzis following me. And thirdly, you're a jerk"

I was gobsmacked. I'm used for her calling me jerk, but really?


I looked at Zayn who was quiet all the time and back to the phone.

"Good to know" I answered.

"Well since now you know. I recommend you to stop bothering me and be furious with my prescence. Since Zayn's my cousin. My parents advised me to stay with him while they go on vacation. And that would mean I get to see you." she said uncomfortably. I had the same reaction as well. We're going on tour tomorrow, and if we do, Kendall would come with us.

"Uhh.." was all I managed to say but till then Louis grabbed the phone.

"Hi I'm Louis! Funny conversation eh? HaHa.. Well since we all agreed to have you with us. We would like to offer you coming here on our flat and see us! Harry would love to meet you, won't you Harry?" Louis chirped then looked at me waiting for an answer.

"Depends" I huffed.

"Oh.. Kay... That's a bit unexpected but I'll see what I can do. Text me the address later okay?"

"Sure!" Zayn finally talked, his eyes enlightened when she agreed. These two might have been close maybe even before me and Kendall were bestfriends. Oh great, is there any other things I would like to know about?

"Well, I gotta go. See ya tomorrow!" she chirped and hung up.

Oh wow.

6 months with her.

What could possibly go wrong? -_-


Oooouhh... CLIFFY! :D

Gonna continue tomorrow! It's night in our country -_-

So BYEBYE! xx.

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