Out Of The Ordinary

I'm Annabelle. Weird, right? I'm far from being your typical, pretty girl that everyone likes. No one likes me. I don't know what's keeping me on this planet, but for some reason I know I matter. And I want to find what is keeping me alive. Only until I found it.


1. This is me

As I have said before, I'm Annabelle. Weird name right? I don't really have a last name. That's why I was kicked out of school. Not completely bad. I don't do things people my age do, I don't cuss, I don't do drugs and I won't give up my V-card until the time will be right. I ALWAYS have to have color in my hair, whether it is from pink to blue to green to purple. Any color at all. I choose not to date. No one likes me. But it does hurt me. Every time I get hurt I change my hair. Right now it's blonde and blue. But I love it. I don't care if you don't like me.  I'll just change my hair.

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