Do you think is hard being Harry Styles Daughter

Hi i'm Sophia Styles my mom die in a car accident on her way to visit my aunt Erica and her husband Christian i needed to go to to an orphanage and from then my life began to get harder and harder .BUt one thing isthat sofia had told his dad or uncle that she was psychic and was the most powerfull phychic in the whole world . about the phychic its not going to be in every part of the story so thats only going to be once i a while cause she does not really use them



sofia pov : i open the door and let them in they ask what wrong so then i thought for a minute should i tell them i'm a psychic  then i started to read their minds of course they felt sorry . So I DECIDED I WILL TELL THEM (guys i need to tell you guys something ) louis  look at and said if coures love anything

  ( me) so i don't want you guys to tell dad please (all guys ) yah anything (me) so im a psychic and i'm the most powerful in the world really fast so they din't understand but my luck theyall did and clearly .So i told them about my aunt erica and my are the only ones who know.I also told them about reading my dad mind at the restaurant and how i'm reading theres right now.


sorry that short but hopefully the next one will be long.

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