Do you think is hard being Harry Styles Daughter

Hi i'm Sophia Styles my mom die in a car accident on her way to visit my aunt Erica and her husband Christian i needed to go to to an orphanage and from then my life began to get harder and harder .BUt one thing isthat sofia had told his dad or uncle that she was psychic and was the most powerfull phychic in the whole world . about the phychic its not going to be in every part of the story so thats only going to be once i a while cause she does not really use them


15. school

sofia pov: today uncle louis drop me and charlie to school when we got there all the girls went running to uncle luis than we just kept  walking to were we meet our friends Maria ,Emely, Luz ,Erica, Iliana ,Christopher.hi guys i said we are not the papular in school but because our dads were famouse we are but we are really smart iliana is smart in history Iliana is my bff emely is smart but shy luz and erica are outgoing im smart in math and social studies .everyone  in school try to be our friends so they can be close to our dads.we all talk spanish so no one can understand  what we say . Guys i think there is a new girl in school i said lookingat her lets go introduce ourselfs to her we all walk up to her and introduce ourselfs hi we all say almost siging hi she said back to us so what you name i ask evelin she say's ok eveling my name is sofia styles and and that Iliana **** Maria******* Emely********* Luz ****Erica******* Christopher ******and Charlie Tomilson i said lastly oh so that was your dad just running away from a bunch  of girls hot in his tail she said have laughing yeah Charlie said bursting into laughter so wanna be our friend this year i said she just nods so first of all you guys want to come over to my house me and charlie say at the same time they all nod execpt Evelin she kind of looks sad i went and ask if anything wrong she just tells me that she cant go because she needs to calls her dad tolet her go but she does not have a phone so i just take my out and give it to her she called her dad and he said yes but the bell ring and she had the same class as iliana and maria so she just follow her




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