Do you think is hard being Harry Styles Daughter

Hi i'm Sophia Styles my mom die in a car accident on her way to visit my aunt Erica and her husband Christian i needed to go to to an orphanage and from then my life began to get harder and harder .BUt one thing isthat sofia had told his dad or uncle that she was psychic and was the most powerfull phychic in the whole world . about the phychic its not going to be in every part of the story so thats only going to be once i a while cause she does not really use them


7. meet again in so many year

9 years later

so today is my best firend Luis  form america birthday his is turning 14 and so im i in a week we been best friend since kindergarden i wish i could visit him but my friend/causin Charlie was coming over i heard  the doorbell rang i went fast to open it but my luck it was my dads stupet girlfriend she came in and warned me if i tell my dad about what i saw her kissing other manand she also warned my uncles because they saw her too and if we tell she was going to hurt me .My causin charlie which was already inside we had homework to do so we went up to my room and of coures uncle liam was there so we ask him if he could helpus so charlie and me could have some time to talk about thing you know girl stuff .were finnish i yelled my dad came in my smiled faded i haven't talk to him like since he started to date kathrine .He told me there was somebody down stairs so i went down and saw Luis i came running and said happy birthday to him so then my dad came whith his stupet girlfriend and said that he is going to come home in 2hr i just roled my eye then charlie came running and hugged luis as she fell onn top of him aswell as i  did to then we ursted out laughing

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