Do you think is hard being Harry Styles Daughter

Hi i'm Sophia Styles my mom die in a car accident on her way to visit my aunt Erica and her husband Christian i needed to go to to an orphanage and from then my life began to get harder and harder .BUt one thing isthat sofia had told his dad or uncle that she was psychic and was the most powerfull phychic in the whole world . about the phychic its not going to be in every part of the story so thats only going to be once i a while cause she does not really use them


13. having a fun day

sofia pov: so my dad and i just got home from the airport to send luis back home he actuly miss alot in school .dad can we goto the park and play  with uncle niall he just said a simple sure hun so i went up to uncle niall room i enter ith out knocking DAMMMM you are really messy room i told uncle niall so uncle niall wanna goto the park with me and dad i ask him he said sure as long as we get food after


harry pov :dad sofia yelled from her are you ready she ask yea i respond i really like how sofia  wants to spend time with me and she is a teenager .


skip car ride


sofia pov: uncle niall let go hide will dad you count ok ,ok they both said at the same time lets go i said i wasnt really looking were i was going suddenly i fell down to the ground than this nice girl that look like my dad age pick me up and started apologize  to me so i stopped her and said  that it was my fault and i should be the one who i apologize so what your name i ask Amber ,Amber Denton she said well nice to meet you i saidi was about to say my name bet she cut me of and said i know who you are, you are Sofia styles.




Amber pov:omg i just met SOFIA STYLES !!!!! i said inside my head she suddenly hid behind me and then she started taliking the she was hide and seek with harry and niall well asknown fordad and uncle we started to get to know each other (you know about our self )than she kind of saw me nervouse andshe ask if i wanted to meet her dad and uncle then she also told me their single than she winked at me i started laughing she look at then like i was a weirdo and start laughing two



sofia pov: i pulled her hand  so she can come with me so she can meet dad and  uncle niall than i told her that she is free to date my dad is she wants thats like saying you have my permision to date him or if she wants to date uncle niall once i finninsh my sentence we both started laughing i also ask her if she wanted to eat once she meets dad




amber pov:sofia justask me if i wanted to go eat with them afterwards i replied with a simple yes


sofia pov :dad i yelled i  saw  ucle niall chasing dad im guessing dad stolled his food DAD!!!!!!! i yelled once again uncle niall and dad both turn to face me they were both walking up to us (converssision ) harry niall this is amber ,amber this is harry and niall they both said a proper hi to each other than i went and grave uncle niall hand and took him to the playground then i took out my phone out and  text dad (dad if you like her ask her out ps:if you like her and your going to ask her out dont text me back and if you dont like her your not going to ask her text  me please dont text me




harry pov:i was left along with amber then suddenly i got i text from sofia it said ifyou like her ask her out ps: if you like her and yoour going to ask her out dont text me and if you dont like her text me back i was smiling



amber pov: i was left along with harry sudenly harry goot a text he was smiling like crazy it showed his dimples he then look up at me and said............................... :)



so will have to keep reading to find out what happend

















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