Do you think is hard being Harry Styles Daughter

Hi i'm Sophia Styles my mom die in a car accident on her way to visit my aunt Erica and her husband Christian i needed to go to to an orphanage and from then my life began to get harder and harder .BUt one thing isthat sofia had told his dad or uncle that she was psychic and was the most powerfull phychic in the whole world . about the phychic its not going to be in every part of the story so thats only going to be once i a while cause she does not really use them


14. having a fun day part2

sofia pov: so uncle niall do you think his going going to ask her out i said smirking than my dad look over tous us and gave us a death glare i went across the street and bought a pie and ask uncle niall if he wanted some he respond with a simple nod then he turn around cause fan were coming and screming toward us then he turn around and BAM!!!! i trought them pie in his face then i kind of got scared of his  reaction cause he went and got another pie i went outside running toward the park and him folowing behind me with two pies in his hands i  ran towards my dad and amber when uncle nial cought up to me he smash the one  pie in amber face and one in dads facei burst in laughting even then but my dad got really mad the me and uncle niall got grounded but who cares  it was worth it me and uncle niall high five each other (conversation between amber and sofia ) S-so amber now that we had orfun wanna come and eat dinner with us i ask polite keeping my laughter still A-sorry i can today but how about tommorro she said  S-ok i said really fast and amber sorry about the pie




Amber pov:harry was about to ask me somethingwhen sofia came running and hit  behind me then niall smash  pie in  harry's and my face


Sofia pov : so amber one again can i ask you a question i ask she simply said yah tell so do you wanna go on a date with dad i ask dad one again gave a death glare before she even said anything the fans came running torward us oh well you are going to have totell us in the car ok she nodded and started running even  faster we got stop by another group of people coming the direction we were going oh dam we just stop and sign and take picture with every girl that was there i left hidding and took amber with ok amber i know im going toget in trouble forsneaking out left them along but i dont want you to get hate so is it a yes or no she nodded with  a simple   yes    text my dad the adress to you hause then my dad ucle niall came looking for me OHH NO    THIS  IS  BAD l    ready   got one week of being grounded i cant take two SOFIA STYLES COME OVER HERE THIS INSTENT YOU ARE GROUNDED TWO    WEEKS but dad i said whining MAKE THE 3 WEEKS okey ill just shut up oh yeah dad you have a date with amber on fridayhe just stayed silant i look over in thhe back was uncle niall laughing his butt off dad you should ground him 4 week i said with a smirk NIALL dad said Your grounded 4 weeks i try to hold it but i couldnt i burst in to laughing dam its getting late i guess we have to go i need  to go to school tommoro see yah i said to amber

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