The Haze

Priscilla was an ordinary girl that would go on an extraodinary trip. Everything felt like an unreal haze, a dream she never wanted to wake up from. As if traveling with her best friend wasn't great enough, she falls in love with the last person she would ever think of. Would he hurt her like the rest have? Or could she finally let down her guard and let someone in. Hopefully she doesn't wake up and realize that this dream became a nightmare.


7. The Sunset

                                                                  Priscilla's P.O.V

                                 While Bre and I were in the water we swam away from the boys for a little.

"OMG Bre, Liam is totally checking you out! He's been flirting with you the entire time!" I squealed.

"REALLY?! You think so?"Bre asked.

"YES, of course I can tell."

"Zayn hasn't stopped looking at you. I think he's starting to fall for you."

"I wouldn't count on it, Why would he want me?"
"Um because your beautiful and amazing and made for him."

"There's no way he could want someone average like me. So I'm just savoring any attention he's giving me."

"Don't sell yourself short, you're a pretty girl with a big heart."

            I hugged Bre and then I heard the guys calling us over to eat. We all gathered around a wooden table and began to eat. I had a salad and fries. Niall ate the most out of everyone. Soon enough the sun started to set and it got a little chilly out. I can't believe I forgot my stupid sweater, Bre didn't even forget. Bre asked me if I was cold and I said yes not expecting anyone to hear, but Zayn did.

"If you're cold I can give you my sweater, I'm wearing a shirt now so I'm fine."

"Are you positive? I feel bad taking it," I started to blush, "I  don't want you to be chilly."

"Nah I'm fine, here take it."

            He gave me his sweater as I thanked him. I looked up at the sunset and asked him if he ever wished for an endless moment.

"Yes I have, a few." He said looking at me, "Right now has made it to that list."

            I smiled as we laid on towels to watch the sky change into night. We decided to watch the stars. All of this was too perfect and I was scared to let him in. I've been played, cheated on, stood up, disappointed, and I couldn't handle getting hurt again. I didn't trust guys. They just take what they want from you, and forget to give you back your heart. I made that necklace the night I got stood up. It symbolized that I would be fine on my own, and that I wouldn't let another guy in. Up until now I swore to myself that I'd be content with loneliness. None of it was ever worth the risk of getting hurt again. I pulled away from him and went to go put my necklace back on. I started searching for it in my bag but I couldn't feel it. I began taking everything out of my bag to search for it.

"Zayn have you seen my necklace?"

"No, I saw you put it in your bag. I haven't seen it. Did you drop it?" He replied.
"No I don't remember dropping it."

            I started searching for it on the ground. Zayn, Bre, and Liam started looking for it with me but we couldn't find it. I was really upset that I couldn't find it but I didn't want to show it. I then got a text from my mom asking where we were. I told her and she said we had to come back, in about an hour. For the remaining hour I tried to pretend like it didn't bother me that I lost it. We watched the stars go by and I even cuddled with Zayn.                           

                                                                           Zayn's P.O.V.

            We were watching the stars as I had her in my arms. She smelled sweet and her lips looked incredibly soft. I wanted to kiss her, but my mates were around. I wanted to keep that private. I also thought it might be too soon to kiss her, I didn't want her getting the wrong impression of me. I noticed a stray hair came out of her pony tail so I tucked it back behind her ear. She looked up at me then with her eye's glowing with a softness I couldn't describe. Last night she had looked enticing and sexy, but tonight I saw the sweet side of her, the part of her that was more vulnerable. I liked it. I can't believe that on my vacation where I was supposed to be having one night stands, and drunk parties I was falling for a girl. I know I should just break it off but I didn't want to let go of her. I didn't want to be with some grimy girl, who's going to tell the whole world I had slept with her. I knew exactly how I was going to give back the necklace. I felt bad lying to her before, especially when she freaked out looking for it but I knew I had to go through with my plan. It would get her to trust me. It felt like no time had passed when it was time for her to go. I gave her a long hug goodbye and kissed the top of her head. She was so tiny she fit perfectly into my embrace. I couldn't wait to surprise her tomorrow morning.

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