The Haze

Priscilla was an ordinary girl that would go on an extraodinary trip. Everything felt like an unreal haze, a dream she never wanted to wake up from. As if traveling with her best friend wasn't great enough, she falls in love with the last person she would ever think of. Would he hurt her like the rest have? Or could she finally let down her guard and let someone in. Hopefully she doesn't wake up and realize that this dream became a nightmare.


9. Suprise

"Miss you have a package," the man outside our door said.

             I was already up so I went to go answer the door. It was a basket. I thanked the man and put it on my bed.

"What's that?" Bre asked.

"I don't know yet. I'll open it now." I answered.

             I unwrapped the basket to reveal a box with a note attached. I decided to read the note first, it was the polite thing to do anyway. I read it out loud to Bre; Dear Priscilla, you didn't actually lose your necklace. I didn't mean to upset you by taking it but I wanted to surprise you. Look at the back of the key. Let me unlock your heart and join me for dinner tonight at 6.

So the bad boy with a sometimes cocky attitude had a soft spot. I grabbed the box and tore it open. It looked just like it had the night before, with a stripped pattern and a 'P' on the front. However, when I looked on the back it had a 'Z' on it. This may have been the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me.

"You don't think he's just doing it to mess with my feelings do you?" I asked Bre.

"No..he just did all this to show you he actually cares. Go tonight Cill, let him whisk you away," She said to me winking.

"What do I tell my mom? I don't wanna introduce them yet, she's embarrassing."

"You might have to on this one because if we tell her your sick tonight she will want to check up on you. Even if I tell her you fell asleep."

"Ugh that's true. I'm probably going to have to introduce them."

"That really was the cutest thing. I'm so happy for you."

"Aw thanks Bre. I should text him now." I grabbed my phone and texted him.

Me:  This was the nicest thing a guy has ever done for me.

Zayn: I wanted to show you that I'm not playing games with your heart. I actually do care and I want you to believe me.

Me: Your so sweet, who knew the bad boy has a heart:p

Zayn: Yeah yeah, just don't tell anyone. I have a reputation;) xx

Me: Um so about that mom isn't going to let me go unless you meet her. And even then she might not let me go unless she likes you.

Zayn: Oh boy the pressure is on. I'm pretty sure I can woo her;) I'm pretty good with the ladies.

Me: HA! You're funny good luck with my mom.  But I'm sure once I tell her what you did for me this morning she will open up. Anyway I got to go. Spending some vacation time with the fam I'll ttyl :* <33

Zayn; Bye love :*

                        So after spending some time with everyone I thought it was time I grew a pair and told her about my little romance.

            "No you're not going, I don't care how sweet he is. I don't know this man and he could kill you on that date."

            "Mom, he's not like that. Not everyone in the world is a killer."

            "Don't care."

            "Your meeting him and if you still think he is a creeper then I won't go. And another reason he isn't going to kill me is because people would find out."

            "I don't even care if people do, your my little girl I can't get you back."

            "Mom...he's a celebrity. He's from One Direction...the boy band that I was/am obsessed with. You have to let me go," I pleaded, on the verge of tears. I had to go.

            "I'll meet him, if I think he's a creeper you're not going."

            "THANK YOU MOM I LOVE YOU." I gave her a kiss and skipped up to the hotel room. Bre followed.

            I texted Zayn to meet me by the door of my hotel room. Once he got there I ran up to him giving him the biggest hug. I also gave him a peck on the lips.

            "What was that for?" He said with a grin on his face.

            "For being the cutest guy on the planet," I crooned, grabbing his hand.

            "Oh god please make the lovey dovey talk end. I'm still here," Bre said.

            I laughed as we all walked downstairs so he could meet my mom. I told him how my mom likes friendly guys, and how he should talk to her a lot so that she get's comfortable with him. I was really hoping she would like him. I think he realized how much her opinion mattered because the moment he said hello he shook my mom's hand and gave her a kiss on the cheek. He even did the same with Bre's mom!  As they began talking I could tell he won them both over with his British accent. As he was busy talking to Maureen (Bre's mother) my mom pulled me to the side. "Alright I think it's ok for you to go but don't tell your father and be back by ten."

            I squealed out a "YES!" as I checked the time. It was already 3 p.m. I had to get ready. I told my mom we had to go as I brought Zayn upstairs with me.

            "She seems like a very sweet woman, they both do." Zayn said to Bre and I.

            "That's because she liked you. I've got to get ready, I'll see you later."

            He nodded as he gave me a kiss on the cheek.

            Bre helped me pick out an outfit. I then took a shower and asked her mom to do my hair. She said she would if I promised not to be difficult. I laughed and said I would be good. After she finished I looked in the mirror to see my hair in a beautiful up-do. It was classy, and with a few fly strands it looked sexy. I thanked her and gave her a hug. I proceeded to do my makeup. Once I finished I had only 15 minutes to meet Zayn at the front. I rushed down there with Bre to see that Liam was with him.  I hugged Bre goodbye as she whispered a "Have fun, and be careful," in my ear. I winked as I left to see Liam and Bre walking upstairs to our hotel room. I grabbed Zayn's hand as we got into the car.

                                                                                      Zayn's P.O.V

            "You look absolutely beautiful, I mean you always do but tonight you look like you dropped from heaven." I said noticing how she blushed.

            "Why thank you," she said to me smiling, "you look incredibly handsome in a button down shirt."

            I opened the door for her and gave the driver directions to the restaurant. It was kind of far from here but I had to do that otherwise we could run into a lot of crazy fans.  We both enjoyed the sunset view as we passed different places in Hawaii. She leaned her head against my arm as I held on to her hand. This time she smelled like sweet roses.  I looked down at her and kissed her cheek. She was so beautiful I felt so lucky to be with her. We talked the whole way there, without any awkward silences. I'm usually very quiet around new people but she was just so easy to talk to. Everything with her was effortless. We finally reached the restaurant. We walked to the entrance as I heard her say, "This place is so beautiful," under her breath.  I asked the owner if we could get a private place outside but he advised us not to because he said a storm was coming. We sat at a table and looked at the menu. We were both excited to try the sushi here, this place got really good reviews. I noticed as the waitress came by us she wouldn't stop flirting with me and being rude to my lovely date. I was beginning to lose my temper.

"Excuse me miss, could you please stop being rude to my date? I don't appreciate it and your jealousy isn't attractive. If you don't stop I'll ask for someone else." I noticed as she looked down at the floor, her face was pink with embarrassment. She nodded and walked away.

"You didn't  have to do that for me." Priscilla said.

"I wanted to, she was being rude and you don't deserve to be treated that way just because you're with me." I answered back.

"Well thanks," she said to me, as she kissed me sweetly on the lips.

            The rest of the dinner went well. While we were walking out (just like the owner had said) it had started to pour down extremely hard.

"ZAYN!" she yelled.

I got startled at her sudden yell. "Yes?!"

              She jumped into my arms at that moment and kissed me hotly. Her tongue slipped into my mouth as I picked her up off her feet. She straddled my waist and run her hands through my hair. The water dripped down our faces and soaked our clothes but I couldn't have cared less. This was an amazing moment.

"I crossed something off my bucket list," she said.

            I smiled at her then because I knew it had been to kiss in the rain. I called up the driver to bring us back to the hotel. We decided to play some One Direction songs in the car, it was her idea. I was surprised she knew all the words, and even more shocked that she could sing.

"You know you're a pretty good singer," I said.

"I wouldn't say that," she answered modestly.

"Why not?"

"Well I mean...I guess I'm okay, but not good enough to become famous,"

"I didn't think I was eith-" My sentence got cut off as the car jerked out of control.  I hadn't been paying attention to the road. Everything had been happening so fast that I have no idea what caused this. I started to panic, especially when I saw the scared look in her eyes. My only thought was to protect her. I began unbuckling my seat belt so that I could shelter her body from any impact. She must've known what I was thinking because she screamed at me to stop. I wasn't able to unbuckle myself fast enough and she took that to her advantage. She reached across the backseat and grabbed my hands.

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