The Haze

Priscilla was an ordinary girl that would go on an extraodinary trip. Everything felt like an unreal haze, a dream she never wanted to wake up from. As if traveling with her best friend wasn't great enough, she falls in love with the last person she would ever think of. Would he hurt her like the rest have? Or could she finally let down her guard and let someone in. Hopefully she doesn't wake up and realize that this dream became a nightmare.


1. Last Day of School

               One day, 12 hours, and a bunch of minutes I'm too lazy to count. Tomorrow morning would be the day I get to go on a spectacular vacation with my best friend. This is more than a vacation to me because I get to spend it with my other half. We've only been best friends for about three years but we've been inseparable ever since. We've had a lot of laughs, and some cries, but most of all we've made lasting memories. I was once at a coffee shop with her and I saw two old women sipping on their coffee. They were having a good old time catching up, and I realized 30 years down the road it will be me and her. We'll be sipping on our coffee, and laughing just like always. Her name is Bre, she's got blue eyes that change color with what she wears and blonde wavy hair that's thicker than a lion's afro. At the sight of us my mom calls us ebony and ivory. I've got dark, almost black hair and sweet red-brown eyes. The funny part is that we're both shorter than average, standing at most five feet. Don't be fooled though, were feisty which has definitely gotten us in trouble from time to time, but hey it was fun. I snapped back to reality when I heard laughing. It was Bre.

             "Hello, earth to Priscilla? Your zoning out," she said as she giggled some more.

             "wha...yeah...I'm listening, as you were saying," I replied.

                I actually had no idea she was saying something to me. Probably because she was talking about one direction. That's all she talks about. She used to be normal like me but then she met Harry at a jingle ball concert and ever since then she's been obsessed. Don't get me wrong, I love them too, especially Zayn but I can carry a conversation without bringing them up. So Bre continued, "I've got an entire selection of 1D songs we can listen to while on the plane."

"Oh boy...I'm bringing my own ipod. I don't want to mumble their lyrics in my sleep,"  I retorted back.

We both laughed as I continued to pack in my room and she continued to look at instagram pictures of one direction.  Twenty minutes later a car beeped, it was her dad. I groaned and walked her to my front door as we hugged goodbye. Now what am I going to do that she's left? I'll be bored. Ughhh... I'll draw a picture of Zayn! I've always loved drawing, and drawing faces is what I do best.  I love capturing the emotion in their eyes and the curve of their lips. While drawing Zayn I noticed the sweetness in his eyes along with the roughness of his facial hair, and his lips...curved ever so slightly into a beautiful genuine smile. I would give anything to see that smile of his, and his eyes looking down  on me. Wow... I just drooled over a picture of a boy I'll probably never meet. Whatever, if I'm lucky he'll be in my dreams.

                I fell asleep  with the sketch pad on my bed  and a pencil still gripped in my hand. Luckily I don't  move much in my sleep or I would've ruined my picture. I rubbed my eyes and stiffly walked to my bathroom to get ready for school. It's my last day of my freshman year of high school and boy I can honestly say I will NOT MISS it. The older kids hate freshman and we get picked on because were the youngest. The first day we are legit lost and all the upperclassmen do is either laugh at us or tell us to move out of the way.  Next year if I see  kids that are lost I'll help them because I know how nerve wrecking it is. I wet my hair a little and used moose to scrunch it up so that I get better waves. I applied mascara and eye liner as soon as I finished putting on a t-shirt and shorts.  I honestly don't even care that I don't look good in school. There is no one there worth impressing. I looked at my phone to see the time...crap! It's 6:35, I've got to make my lunch and coffee in five minutes. Like that's going to happen...I'm going to be late even though that's not anything new. Hopefully my dad doesn't get pissed. My dad and I picked up my neighbor as we rushed to get to school. I put my books away and grabbed what I needed, then walked towards Bre's locker which is exactly 10 away from mine. Like always we walked to my homeroom class and chatted for ten minutes before the warning bell sounds.

        "Aquino put your phone away," my biology teacher exclaimed.

        "But Mr. Calbarese class didn't start yet...," I mumbled back.

        "It will in'BEEEEEEP'," the bell signaled the class has started and Mr. Calbarese just chuckled at me and gave me a look.  I just sighed and put it in my purse.  He would be a teacher I would miss though. He always favored this class and although his humor was dry I still found him hilarious. I could tell he wasn't a teacher that hated his job and just needed the money. Soon enough the bell rang  and it would be the last time I'd have him as a teacher. I told him my goodbyes and wished him good luck with next year's class. I know he'll need it. The class below me is terrible...I swear as the generation's go on, kids just get worse and worse. Now I'm on my way to art, my favorite period of the day. I hate leaving that room. I get so consumed in  my art work. Before I got there though, I saw my senior friend. He was the only senior that was actually nice to me when I got put in a study with all upperclassmen. He actually talked to me, unlike some other guy who thought it was funny to chuck paper at my head.  Anyway his voice boomed over me saying, "Hey there girly, what's good?"

                I smiled up at him as we hugged. Us hugging kind of just became routine somehow. He was kind of like someone to look up to.  This time I hugged him tight and he picked me up. I told him I'd miss him and how grateful I was that he had been there for me when I needed someone to vent to. He's a really good listener and gives good advice. Those hugs meant more to me then I think he'll ever realize. Kindness is not something easily forgotten, at least not in my book. I told him good luck in college and I told him that I hope everything that he's dreamed of comes true. He told me that we would keep in touch and I really hope that's true.

                I made it to my second period class on time and finished up the last finishing touches on my-self portrait. This is the first one I've ever done .See, the thing about drawing is how closely you look at something. Every strand of hair, every shadow, every little flaw within the picture. Maybe I've never done one because I was scared I'd find way too many flaws within myself.  However, now that I've taken a good look at my picture I was pleased. This says a lot because I am my own worst critic. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to drawing, especially people because I want it to look exactly like them. Unfortunately that doesn't always happen but I guess this time my drawing looked like me because It's my own features. I've seen them my entire life so I know how they look.

    "So how do you like your drawing?" my art teacher asked me. He knows how hard I am on myself.

     "I'm actually happy with it," I beamed back.  He was another teacher I'd miss.  He was the coolest most laid back guy I'd ever know. I text during class all the time and there has been countless times where I'd be doing my math homework in that class because I either didn't understand it when I tried doing it last night and my friend Nikki was helping me or I didn't have enough time the night before...or I'm just a really bad procrastinator. Either way he never cared.  Once again the bell rang too soon and I groaned in distaste as I headed to my math class. I dread this period every day. This teacher is just terrible. She's pretty bipolar and I don't like the way she teaches. I can't remember the last time I've paid attention in that class. I literally fall asleep every day. I try to stay awake, I truly do but I just can't help it. I nudged my class mate and asked her for the time...twenty more minutes. I raised my hand to go to the nurse. It's all the way across the school which buys me more staling time. It was my last day anyway, I won't remember this lesson by September.

         Eventually it reached 6th period. Finally, it's lunch and I get to eat food. Hands down my lunch table is the loudest one in the cafeteria. I'm pretty sure everyone in here hates us but we don't care. Were goofy, and loud. Even the teachers that patrol the cafeteria have grown to like us, so we never get in trouble anyway. Of course lunch ends too soon and it's back to class. It's honors English. I don't dread this class as much as math but it's up there. I used to love literature but then... I got this teacher.  Basically everyone in her class does terrible and I've stopped trying. I've lost my lust for writing and I'm dropping honors next year.  Soon enough it's 9th period and I'm pretty sure I'd hate this class too if it weren't for my hilarious class and my teacher who is sarcastic and a bit rude but funny teacher. So I pretty much hate this subject but everything else makes it better. The bell rings and it's time to go home. I honestly couldn't be happier. Bre went home with me today  because she's sleeping over. We are going on the plane at like four in the morning. We are both not morning people so I wish the person who decides to talk to usin the morning good luck. Bre and I went to bed early that night knowing we would have to wake up super early. I took two sleeping pills and was out for the rest of the night.

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