The Haze

Priscilla was an ordinary girl that would go on an extraodinary trip. Everything felt like an unreal haze, a dream she never wanted to wake up from. As if traveling with her best friend wasn't great enough, she falls in love with the last person she would ever think of. Would he hurt her like the rest have? Or could she finally let down her guard and let someone in. Hopefully she doesn't wake up and realize that this dream became a nightmare.


13. Ice Cream

Priscilla P.O.V.

         I woke up pretty early. I couldn't sleep. I just felt sore and uncomfortable laying there in bed. I looked over to see Bre was still sleeping and I didn't want to wake her. I'd check to see if Zayn was up.


Me: Hey baby you up?

(Five minutes later) Zayn: Good morning love...couldn't sleep either?

Me: Nope feel sore. Wanna go for breakfast?

Zayn: Ok, what are you in the  mood for?

Me: Ice cream :P and coffee.

Zayn: A bit unusual;) But I'm up for it if you are.

Me: Haha okay, once I finish getting ready I'll go to your room.

Zayn: Alright:) Can't wait to see your beautiful face.

Me: Oh stop I'm blushing :P <#

Me. dammit I messed up the heart <333 haha see you in a few.

           I walked by the drawers and took out a cute sweater and a pair of tie-dye shorts. I combed my hair and brushed my teeth. I put mascara on and left a note by Bre's bed saying where I would be. Slipping on sandals, I practically ran to Zayn's room. I txted him letting him know I was outside his hotel room.  The door swung open to reveal him towering over me. I looked up at him to see his dark hair perfectly messy, with his hazel eyes peeking through. He picked me up off the ground and kissed me.


Zayn's P.O.V.

            Her hair was still tousled with slumber and it was adorable yet sexy wrapped into one. I grabbed her hand as we walked downstairs were there would be ice cream and coffee.

"What flavor are you getting?" I asked her.

"Vanilla-" I cut her off, "How boring!"

"Uh no! I'd say it's the original flavor....just like me. Original as can be." she said, giggling.

"Cheesy much?" I said making fun of her.

"Well Mr. Interesting what flavor are you getting?"

"Mint chocolate chip,"

"That's my dad's favorite too." she said.

            We ordered and sat down. As we started sipping our coffee she got ice cream all over my nose.

"HEY!" I yelled. It was cold.

"Pay back for calling me cheesy."

"It's ON."

            Before we knew it we had a full out war. I cried 'Bob's your Uncle' when she had gotten it on my neck. I was freezing.

"Oh I'm sorry..." She said flirtatiously, "I'll get it."

Before I realized what was happening she licked the ice cream off my neck, and started kissing me there. Thank god it was early in the morning or people would've seen our indecent actions. We both laughed as she took the napkins and started taking the ice cream off my face. She was gentle, and as I looked into those eyes they looked so soft, so caring. After she finished getting the ice cream off me I helped get it off her too.

"I feel like a sticky mess." she said.

"I'm going to have to take a shower right after we get back to my room. My wrist has been hurting a lot and I've been having trouble taking off my clothes. I was wondering if you could help..." I asked her, using the most seductive voice I could manage.  Before she could answer we heard a boy crying. I gazed towards him and I could tell he was, well...slow. He looked a little younger than me but it was easy to tell that he was different. I scanned the room and noticed that other people were staring at the boy too, giving him annoyed looks. I veered toward Priscilla and she appeared annoyed too, but not at the boy. She was upset that people weren't being more compassionate with him. She walked away from me and towards the boy. However, I was still able to hear her.

"Hey sweetheart. Everything is going to be okay." she was trying to soothe him, "Where did mommy or daddy go?"

"Mommy went to the bathroom buh she take too long. I gots scared.."

"Mommy will be back soon. You're alright, you're not alone anymore," she said as she rubbed his back. "I'll wait with you until she gets back."

"Okay," he said between muffled sobs. She took a napkin she had out her pocket and began wiping his tears along with the snot running down his nose. A woman came out of the bathroom and ran frantically over to her son.

"Oh my lord, I'm so sorry. Was he being extremely loud? I told him I'd only be in the bathroom for a few minutes." the lady said.

"No ma'am. It's fine. I noticed he was crying, so I wanted to comfort him."

"Thank you so much. Bless your soul," she said to Priscilla. All of a sudden she gave her a hug. "Now Luke say thank you to the nice girl."

"Thank you," he said to her also giving Priscilla a hug.

"It's no problem. Have a fun trip buddy, ok?" He nodded as they said their goodbyes. I walked over to her. I was amazed at what she had done. Most people would look at him and keep walking.

"Could you be any more perfect?" I asked her.

"What?" she said laughing, "It's nothing."

"You blow me away," I said to her, giving her yet another kiss.

"Let's go back to your room, I have to help undress you because your 'wrist hurts' right?" she said to me laughing.  She grabbed my hand and we headed to my room. The boys were still asleep, so we had to be quiet. I sat on the bed as I let her undress me. She started taking off my shirt and was very careful not to hit or bend my wrist in any way. She looked at me shirtless and smiled.

"Can I ask you what your tattoos mean?" She asked.

"Sure, but some are a bit personal. I also have a lot so this might take awhile. My first tattoo is the one on the right side of my chest. It's my grandpa's name 'Walter' in Arabic. I got it after he passed. The ying yang sign resembles the good and bad in life.  The crossed fingers is meant for good luck in my future. I got the deck of cards because I used to play card games with my sister's all the time. I have a crown with my initials on it because Malik in Arabic means ‘king’. I have a heart by the lower part of my stomach. I used to have something else symbolizing 'Born Lucky' but I changed it to a heart. I have a jigsaw puzzle piece and when I get married I'm going to have another piece attached to it with her initials inside. The  fern on my neck is the national symbol of New Zealand, and it also means Good Luck. I have Arabic words running across my collar bone and the saying means 'stay true to who you are.' I'm not going to change just because I'm famous now. The microphone resembling One Direction and my journey with them.  And lastly I have the "ZAP" one just for the hell of it, I like comic books."

"Wow that's a lot. But I like how they all have a meaning behind them. I'm getting one too, for my grandparents. I'm going to have an elephant somewhere with the word 'Candy' inside. Candy is a nickname for my grandpa, and the elephants is my grandma's favorite animal."

"Do you know where yet?"

"Not sure. But I do know my sisters and I are all going to get the same one."

"That's nice." I said to her, smiling.

            She then removed my pants. I was left in my socks and underwear. She tousled my hair and knocked me on the bed so I be laying down. She straddled me, climbing on top. I'll admit I was a bit surprised but there was no way I was going to complain. I just sat back and let her take the lead. Her lips met mine and I could still taste the sweet coffee on her breathe. My tongue slipped into her mouth and we began heavily make out. My hands slipped down to her waist and then squeezed her bum. I then began running my hands through her hair when Niall walked in.

"WHOA!!!! I'm sorry lad." he ran out but I could still tell his face had turned scarlet. Priscilla rolled off me laughing.

"I better go...I still have to shower too. I'll see you later though." She was about to walk away but I grabbed her wrist with my good arm and made her come back.

"I wanted a kiss goodbye." She smiled up at me, as I once again admired her beauty. She pecked me on the lips, and mumbled a "See you later."

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