Sam Monroe is just an ordinary 19 year old preachers daughter. So what happens when her dad becomes an up and coming new boyband's manager? Will they be able to heal her wounds? Or will she be left to be forgotten?


5. Unneeded Help




Sam's POV


"Sam! Wait up!" Yelled a familiar voice. I turned around trying not to smile to big.

"What's up Harry?" I asked. "Are you staying at my place too?" It's not my house was small because believe me it wasn't, but I didn't want a bunch of guys staying there.

"Nah it's just Niall" I rolled my eyes at the mention of his name. 

"Why?!" I whined.

"You really don't like him huh?" I just looked at him. "Well Niall is the only one that didn't find a place to live and our places are to small cause we're gonna all buy a bigger house once we find one we all like."

"So why were you just at my house?" I asked

"I was helping Niall unpack this morning."

"Ugh! I'm not gonna last in that house." I said

"Well if you get tired of staying with Niall you can always come to my house and hang out for a while." He smiled.

"Yes! Oh my God thank you!!" I yelled. He just laughed at my mini celebration. 

"I better get going now before they start wondering where I am so ill see you later" he waved and left.

"Bye" I whispered knowing he couldn't hear me.

After that conversation I found myself in a super happy mood which was pretty rare for me. I stopped by my dad's favorite restaurant and picked up food for everybody including Niall and just in case Harry. I was hoping that he was still at my house because I couldn't last a dinner with Niall.

        "I'm home and I got food!!" I yelled when I walked through the door of my house.

        "Beat you downstairs!" I heard Niall say. I'm not gonna lie I was hoping he was talking to Harry.

         "Sammy!!" Yelled Bela. 

          "Hey Bela! What have you been doing today?"

          "Niall has been teaching me cheats in video games!" She giggled.

           "Really?" I asked glaring at him. "Just what she need to learn, how to cheat."      

           "Aw is Sammy jealous I didn't spend the day with her?" He mimicked my nickname.

            "Please" I said rolling my eyes. "Just take your food"

             "Yes ma'am" he replied making Bela giggle. He smirked at me knowing he won that round.

             "Sammy daddy said I could go to Aly's house so I can't stay for dinner." Bela said making her 'I'm sorry' face. Aly is Bela's best friend. I just nodded at her and started getting my dinner out of the take-out bag.

             "SHE'S HERE!!! Bye Sammy" She said giving me a hug. "Bye Niall" she said to him giving him a hug.

             "Bye princess" he said picking her up. I cringed at his nickname for her. Lets just say I have bad memories including that nickname. Niall noticed my cringe as he let her go and she ran off.

              "Does that nickname bother you?" He smirked. I just looked at him letting him see the tears in my eyes. I had to go now. I let him see to much. I ran up to my room forgetting about my food or anything else I left. I slammed my door and tried to forget and block the memories that were flooding in. 

                It was him. The one that ruined me. That made me like this. Ryan. He was the last boyfriend I had. He was perfect. He called me his princess and treated me like one. Until I caught him cheating on me with the school slut. I was heartbroken. I really thought he was the one.

               I was snapped out of my thoughts when there was a knock on the door.



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