Sam Monroe is just an ordinary 19 year old preachers daughter. So what happens when her dad becomes an up and coming new boyband's manager? Will they be able to heal her wounds? Or will she be left to be forgotten?


9. Over Before it Starts




              Sam's POV:


         Once we were back at my house, Harry and I were still laughing about a joke he told when I heard someone clear thier throat and noticed all the boys were here.

           "Hey guys!" I cheered.

          "Well someone's in a good mood." The light haired one said.

         "You know I don't think I got everybodys names." I stated.

           "I'm Louis" the one that commented ealier. I waved.

          "I'm Liam" the one with the buzz cut said.

             "I'm Zayn" the tanned one said with an smile.

          "Alright well I'm Sam if anyone didn't know and it's nice to meet you all." I smiled. There was an awkward moment of silence until Harry broke it.

           "Sooo... Sam and I were going to put on a fashion show for you guys." Niall scoffed.

            "Bastard" Harry and I both mumbled at the same time. We laughed and the he followed me to the bathroom.

            "You first" he winked. Then he pushed me up agaist the wall until our faces were inches apart.

           "What the hell are you doing?" I asked.

              "I was planning on having a little fun with this" I rolled my eyes before he started kissing me. At first I hesitated before kissing back. We both smiled into the kisss. As our kiss started to get more intense Harry started to pull off my shirt. Then he went down to my pants without even breaking the kiss. Soon I was only in my underwear and bra. We continued to kiss until there was a knock on the door.

              "Guys? Can you hurry up it's been like 10 minutes." I think Zayn asked.

              "Yeah, Sam's just having trouble with putting on her pants, I think I bought the wrong size." Harry winked.

            "Oh, okay." He replied and walked away from the door. We both started cracking up at his excuse before I started to get dressed in the outfit Harry bought me.

              "We'll finish this later then." Harry winked.

              "In your dreams Styles." I replied. He just laughed as he started to take off his clothes and get dressed as well. Once I was fully clothed, I stopped him before he put on his pants that I got him.

              "I believe the deal was that we have to dress each other." I smirked.

               "Well then dress away." he smiled. At that I put on one pant leg on each leg and pulled up his pants as he watched me. I felt him get hard as I buttoned his pants. I could help but laugh at that. He just turned red and I continued to zip his pants. Then I got his shirt and slowly started to put each arm through the sleeves and placing a kiss on both his cheeks and then his lips. Then I buttoned up his shirtand started to kiss his neck. Whille still kissing him i grabbed his beanie and put it on him. He moaned once it was on and then slapped his hand over his mouth. I giggled and unlocked the door and walked out, leaving him there in awe. Once I got to where the boys were I started to strut  like a model and pose for them. Everyone except fot Niall took out thier phones and started taking pictures acting like photographers. It wasn't until Harry came out that they all started cracking up and that's when I realized we were matching. We both had on half- sleeve plaid shirts, dark jeans, and a beanie. Harry must have noticed the same time I did because we both started laughing at the same time. Then we both started to pose and strut together and the boys continued to take pictures. Once we finished our little fashion show, I noticed Niall still hadn't moved a muscle and was just staring at his phone.

                 "Niall?" I asked as I walked over to him. He lifted up his head once he noticed me standing in front of him.

                "What's up?" he shrugged. "Will you please talk to me?" I begged.

                 "What?" he finally spoke.

                "Why are you acting like this?"

                "Do you like Harry?"He asked out of the blue. Honestly I didn't know who I liked anymore.

                "I-I don't know."  I stuttered.

                "Do you like me?" I just looked down and shrugged. Then he lifted up my chin with his finger. "We can be friends, if you want." he stated.

                 "But I don't know what I want."

                "How about you try things with Harry and if things don't work out then you know I'll always be here." he slightly smiled.

              "Why can't we try things with me and you?" I questioned.

             "I want to but I don't know if I'm ready for a relationship and I see the way you and Harry look at each other and I know that you guys are falling for one another. You deserve someone like Harry, he'll treat you right." He said. I just nodded confused as to what was happening.

              "Why were you acting like that earlier?" I asked.

             "I was jealous. I'll admit it, I like you and I was jealous but it's okay because I realized that you and Harry would be a great couple and I think i would much rather be best friends. I couldn't break your heart as a best friend." he stated. "Now come on let's go find the others." he got up from his spot and followed me to the kitchen where we found everybody. My eyes found Harry's as soon as we walked in. I smiled and went and sat by him. We all just started talking and Louis was telling jokes while everyone laughed with food shoved in our mouths. We just sat and ate for hours. My stomach hurt from all the laughing I was doing. I ended up learning alot about the boys and how they became One Direction. We all told stories about our childhood and things that are happening now. The boys had to eventually leave except for Niall of corse.

             "so..? How do you like the boys?" he asked, raising his eyebrows.

            "I can gladly say I have 5 new best friends." I smiled.




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