Sam Monroe is just an ordinary 19 year old preachers daughter. So what happens when her dad becomes an up and coming new boyband's manager? Will they be able to heal her wounds? Or will she be left to be forgotten?


8. Live For Now




Sam's POV


   We got to the mall shortly after our argument. It was really awkward after that. No one said a word, afraid they might say the wrong thing. I was so tired of this side of Niall already. I want the one from last night that held me and made me laugh...

     Harry was already there by the time we showed up.

     "Hey guys!" He shouted.

      "No need to yell we're right here" Niall stated, grumpily. I groaned. "Now what?" Niall said.

      "Stop being such a douche!" I yelled and grabbed Harry's hand and walked off leaving Niall standing there taken aback.

        "We're so gonna get it later" Harry laughed.

         "I know" I giggled. "Okay I have an idea" I stated.


          "I get to pick an outfit out for you and you get to pick one out for me and we buy it for each other and we both have to wear them tomorrow but they have to be cute.. Nothing silly." I warned.

           "Okay but you have to use this." He replied, handing me a stack of money.

          "Ugh no, I have money it's fine."

          "Well then I'm not doing it." He sounded like a five year old arguing with his mum.

          "Fine you stubborn child!" I rolled my eyes. Harry just smiled, knowing he won this round.

           "Ready set go!!" He yelled and we ran off in different directions.

    I looked for about an hour before i came up with something good. I got him a pair of dark jeans with a red plaid button up shirt. Along with a gray beanie and a pair of gray vans. Once I was done I decided to text Harry.

              'I'm done...Meet me at the food court? -Sam xx'

     A few seconds later he replied.

              'Sure! Sounds great! I just finished too. See you in a few. -Harry xx'

      I soon arrived at the food court and spotted Harry waving at me.

             "Hey! Over here!!" He yelled.

             "Way to not cause a scene Harold" I joked as we sat down at the nearest table.

            "Ha.ha very funny" he rolled his eyes. "Now I have a proposal." he smirked.

            "What kind of proposal?" I asked worried.

               "We have to dress each other in the clothes we got." he smirked.

             "Okay um one, stop smirking, its creeping me out. And Two, I don't know Harry.."

             "If you really want to then we have to have our underwear on" he smiled, cheekily. "Com'on it'll be fun." he winked. I had to admit I really wouldn't mind seeing Harry Styles with or without underwear... What am I thinking? Ugh, dirty thoughts!!

             "Alright, deal" I smirked, holding my hand out to shake. He shook it back, confirming our deal. No going back now....

             "So when are we going to do this deal?" I asked.

             "Once we get back to your house. I'm going to call the boys over except Niall cause he's already there, and were going to model for them." he smirked.

            "Well what are we waiting for? Let's go!" I cheered. I grabbed Harry's hand and started walking to his car.

           "Where'd Niall go?" he asked.

          "He probably went home" he shrugged. Once we got to Harry's car I realized that we were still holding hands. I really enjoyed having his hand intertwined with mine, so I frowned when he let go of my hand to open my door. I soon replaced it witha smile though and thanked him.

      Once Harry got in,he intertwined our fingers once again. I couldn't help but smile at this. I got butterflies in my stomach everytime he touched me or even looked at me. As much as I didn't want to admit it, I was really falling for Harry.





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