Sam Monroe is just an ordinary 19 year old preachers daughter. So what happens when her dad becomes an up and coming new boyband's manager? Will they be able to heal her wounds? Or will she be left to be forgotten?


3. Different



Sam's POV


     As soon as I got home I pulled out my razors. All I could think of is how they all must be laughing at me right now. Thinking about what a complete fool I am. I made a cut for each guy that saw me up there making a fool out of myself. I felt like dying. I was done. My dad always told me that God will always be with me, but where was he now?

        I clenched my teeth as I made each cut deep and long. 

        "Ahh" I cried. Blood was everywhere, I had to make sure to clean it up before my dad got home. If he knew about this, I'd for sure be dead. The only person that knew about my cuts was my five year old sister, Bella. She only knew because she either heard or saw me doing it everyday. She was too young to understand my purpose. I tried to stay strong in front of her but its hard to do. I hated myself for not being strong enough for her. I was so wrapped up in my thoughts that I didn't even notice her crying at the door.

        "Sam! Please stop! Please! I hear you everyday and I know your in pain and I don't want you too Sammy. I love you! Please stop!" She yelled. I had tears running down my face now. I was ruining her life. I let the razor fall to the floor before wrapping her in a big hug.

        "I'm so sorry, I love you too Bella. I'll stop okay? Just stop crying, I hate seeing you like this." I cried. "C'mon lets go get cleaned up and make dinner together." I smiled weakly.

        "Promise me you'll stop" I nodded

          " I promise"

         After cleaning up and changing, we made macaroni and cheese along with hot dogs. We both were silent until my dad got home. I started to go to my room when he stopped me.

         "We will talk about this later." He stated sternly. I just nodded and walked away.

          Once I got in my room, I started taking off my makeup and got dressed in my pajamas. Today had been a long day and I was ready for it to be over with. A lot had happened in a short amount of time. I noticed ten new messages on my iPhone. Three from Noelle, five from Kelby and two from Harry? Noelle and Kelby were both just checking on me. How did Harry get my number?

    'Hey Sam it's Harry. I got your number from your dad... He actually gave it to all of us and told us if we need anything then to call or text you' 

     Say what now?

     'It's Harry again I just didn't know if you got my other text let me know if your alright again I'm sorry'

      I decided to text him back.

       'Hey Harry! It's fine... It's really not your fault but thank you for apologizing!'

      A few minutes later he texted back

        'So your not mad at me?'

         'Nope.. I don't have a reason to be'

        'Great!! I'll talk to you later!! I've gotta go. Goodnight'


        I was really happy that Harry was checking up on me. He was being really sweet. It made up for how rude Niall was being. I was so tired though but at the same time I couldn't sleep because my mine was full with thoughts of Harry. Wait what? Why was I thinking of Harry? I didn't like him? Do I? That night I drifted off to sleep thinking of that cheeky curly haired boy.



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