Sam Monroe is just an ordinary 19 year old preachers daughter. So what happens when her dad becomes an up and coming new boyband's manager? Will they be able to heal her wounds? Or will she be left to be forgotten?


7. Confused



Sam's POV


I woke up cuddled up to Niall. I'm still trying to make sense of what happened last night. I didn't know where we now stand. We were enemies and now lovers? I have no idea. Ugh this is just so confusing!! And what about Harry?! Oh my gosh I totally forgot about him!! What am I going to tell him? It's not like we're dating but I thought we really hit it off. 

I was so caught up in my thoughts, that I didn't realize Niall was already awake.

  "What are you thinking about beautiful?" He sweetly asked.

   "Where... Do we stand? Are item or something?" I struggled to find the words to reply. 

    "I don't know... Let's just see how it goes for a while and then go from there." He said looking into my eyes.

     "Okay" I replied softly unable to find my voice. What was he doing to me? He was so close to me, I could barely breath. He literally was taking my breath away. What am I talking about? This is Niall! He was my enemy less than 24 hours ago!! 

      "Let's go get something to eat." 

      "Okay" I spoke still lost in thought.

      "Were you planning on getting out of bed today or what?" He laughed. His laugh was the most adorable thing I think I've ever heard.

       "Oh yeah" I giggled jumping out of bed. "Um can you leave while I get dressed?" I asked embarrassed.

       "Sure" he replied and left. I went to my closet and tried to pick out something cute but not to nice. I found a pair of navy chevron shorts and a orangy red flowy tank top and put on some vans that were the same color as my top. Then I applied light make up and let my long wavey hair flow over my shoulder. Once I was ready, I opened my door to find Niall leaning on the door frame. 

      "You look amazing" he smiled.

      "Why thank you! Shall we?" I giggled linking my arm to Niall's and skipping down the stairs. 

      "Wait!" I yelled. "What car are we gonna take?" I started to panick.

      "Okay breath" he laughed. "We can take mine of corse"

      "Oh" I could feel my face turning red.  Niall just laughed and started walking to his car. I soon followed and got into the front seat. Once I got in I noticed Niall staring at me.


        "Nothing, I just wouldn't want any other person in that seat but you." My face went hot. Ugh why was he doing this to me?

         "Would you drive please?" I spoke not wanting to have anymore awkward moments. 

          "Fine" he replied. We were finally going to eat! I was starving!! 

We soon arrived at McDonald's and ordered our food and decided to sit down. We started to eat and then I realized I hadn't seen my dad since yesterday morning.

          "Niall? Where's my dad?" I asked worried. 

          "Oh yeah I meant to tell you he had to go to work and he won't be back til Saturday night." 

         "But it's Monday" he just nodded. 

          "Speaking of Mondays... Don't you have school?"

          "Yes but I don't want to go! Please dont make me go!" i begged him like a little girl would.

           "Alright but just today." he said.

            "Yay!! Thank you!" I celebrated and gave him a hug. We finished our breakfast about 10 minutes later. Just answer were walking out, Harry walked in. Uh oh.

           "Sam?" He laughed. "Niall?"

            "Hey Harry" Niall spoke. 

            "What are you guys doing here?" Harry asked.

            "We were eating but we're gonna go to the mall now if you wanna come?" I said. Niall just glared at me. If looks could kill... I'd be dead right about now.

             "Yeah sure, I'll just find something to eat at the food court I guess. Who are you riding with?" He asked. Really Harry? 

              "She came with me so she'll be riding with me" Niall said angrily. Why was he so angry? Isn't Harry his friend..? 

               "Okay..." Harry said. And with that Niall took my hand and we were off. 

                "What's your problem?" I asked once we were in his car. No answer. "Niall if your not gonna talk to me then you can let me out of this car and I can ride with Harry." I threatened. 

                 "Is that what you want? To be with Harry?" He says. 

                 "What are you talking about?" I yell.

                 "Don't tell me you don't like him Sam. I can see the way you look ad him an the way he looks at you." He replied. " Let's just go."


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