home can be many things, where you live, where you want to always hang out, where you used to live, where you feel safe, almost anywhere you can call home. Now let me ask you this, have you ever felt at home, have you been taken away from this home, have you ever wanted to run away from where you are to get home? well if you have wanted to run away your not alone, and if you have succeeded in running away, your again not alone. Sylvia Johnson is my name and I ran away a week ago to go home. I got there a few days ago and have been doing okay on my own. Read to find out how it goes, and wish me luck.


2. just a runaway

I sat on my bed thinking why I feel like I've seen these boys before. I was in the middle of thinking when somebody knocked on my door. I opened it up to see Louis standing with a huge smile. "What are you so smiley for?" I asked. "I proposed to Eleanor, my girlfriend and she said yes!" Louis shouted seeming super excited. "That's so cool!" I shouted. "And she wants you to be a bridesmaid at the wedding!" Louis said still shouting. "You mean with a dress and stuff?" I asked feeling self-conscious about my arms and stuff. "Yeah, whats wrong Sylvia?" Louis asked seeming really concerned. I pulled up both of my sleeves revealing all of the cuts and scars on my arms. Louis stood there shocked, probably really sorry for me. "Why do you have all of these cuts on your arm, and did you make them yourself?" Tears started streaming down my face and there I go again with my crying. I nodded while starting to cry. "It started in second grade when all of the girls started bullying me. My parents didn't do any thing about it even when I came home crying. It almost seemed like everybody wanted me dead. It got worse growing up and even my parents started pushing me around and into stuff like shelves and tables. I started cutting in second grade and that's when I got this cut." I said pointing to the first cut I ever made on my arms. Louis hugged me a bit and I continued the story of my life. "Then we started moving a lot around the state, I never really liked any of the houses except this house... the only one I've ever called home. When we moved away from here I started thinking of a way to come back here. A week ago I ran away from my parents and just a few days ago I arrived back home. You see I'm just a runaway, nothing special.


So do you guys like it. Comment down below if I should continue the story.

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