An Ordinary Girl

Kalee Brooke. 17 years old. Dirty Blonde Hair. Tan Skin. Blue Eyes. She is an ordinary girl that is from Miami, Florida, but moves to Canada, Ontario. She is popular and has many friends. She isnt a party animal, she is a girl that follows the rules and never gets into trouble. She is obsessed with Justin Bieber, she believes that she will never meet him.. Until one day, when everything changed.


2. The Meeting

"Hey, Im Justin"

Kalee's POV:

When I heard his voice my whole body just gave out. I couldn't move. I think he may have noticed though. "Hello?". That is all I heard until i finally snapped out of my day dream. 

"Oh gosh. Sorry. Hey, I'm Kalee." I felt like a complete idiot. Great.  "Its okay.. I get that a lot. haha." "I figured.. you try and act cool.. but, it just never works. haha"

Justin's POV:

Wow. Is all I could possibly say. Her beautiful face, Her long blonde hair, he tan skin.. and then there was those blue eyes. Gosh. She is perfect. When I finally snapped out of my day dream, I noticed that she just sat there, staring at me, again, 

The bell rang and that meant that class was over and we were too move onto our next class. I decided to ask Kalee if she could show my around school. So, i walked up to her locker. "Hey Kalee, could you possibly show me around..?" I asked, hoping she would say yes. "Of course. Can I see your schedule?" "Sure. Here you go". 

Kalee's POV:

Im going to be walking Justin Drew Bieber around school. Oh gosh.. Somebody help. I think I might die. 

I grabbed his schedule and headed towards his next class. "Haha. Looks like we have all our classes together." "That"s awesome!  At least I know someone!"

This should be a fun day,,

Hey Guys! sorry its so short! but, i wrote this before school! So, I promise that I will update when I get home! Hope you liked it (:

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