An Ordinary Girl

Kalee Brooke. 17 years old. Dirty Blonde Hair. Tan Skin. Blue Eyes. She is an ordinary girl that is from Miami, Florida, but moves to Canada, Ontario. She is popular and has many friends. She isnt a party animal, she is a girl that follows the rules and never gets into trouble. She is obsessed with Justin Bieber, she believes that she will never meet him.. Until one day, when everything changed.


8. Next Day

Kalee's POV:

I woke up and jumped out of bed. I got into the shower and quickly got out. I curled my hair and put on my make-up. I slipped on my black leggings and white see-through shirt with spikes and some white sperry's. I grabbed my phone and keys and headed downstairs. "BYE MOM & DAD. LOVE YOU!" I yelled to them. I ran out the door and jumped into my car. School, here I come. I thought to myself. 

 Justin's POV:

I woke up and jumped into the shower. I put my hair into my quiff and threw on some beige shorts with a black V-neck and white supra's. I grabbed my car keys and threw on my sunglasses. I walked downstairs and yelled 'Bye' to my mom. Here I come.

(At School-Nobody's POV)

Kalee got to school and jumped out. She walked through the doors and again got stares, but a pair of Hazel Brown eyes stood out. Justin.

Justin jumped out and walked into school. He stood at his locker and put in his locker combo. He turned around and saw her. Kalee.

Kalee's POV:

I saw Justin there looking at me. It was awkward to not go up to him and talk to him. ugggh. Why did i have to act like that. I like him. He kissed me. What is wrong with me?!

Justin's POV: 

I stood there looking at her. I can't believe I kssed her. I shouldn't have done that. I made it awkward between us. Nice going Justin.

Nobody's POV: 

Kalee walked into class and sat down in her normal seat. Then she saw Justin walk in. Uh-oh. This should be good.

"Hey Kalee.."

Alright guys! (: So that was chapter 8 (: Ill be updating later tonight (: Thanks for reading. Byee (:

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