An Ordinary Girl

Kalee Brooke. 17 years old. Dirty Blonde Hair. Tan Skin. Blue Eyes. She is an ordinary girl that is from Miami, Florida, but moves to Canada, Ontario. She is popular and has many friends. She isnt a party animal, she is a girl that follows the rules and never gets into trouble. She is obsessed with Justin Bieber, she believes that she will never meet him.. Until one day, when everything changed.


12. I guess I thought wrong..

Kalee POV: 

I stood there.Watching the boy I was in love with and MY bestfriend make out. wow. Thats all I could say. I walked past them and cleared my throat. 

"Uh emm.." 

They looked up and Justin's eyes grew wide. 

"Kal-" I didnt want to hear it. "Save it Justin.. You obviously didnt like me enough.. so I guess I thought wrong. Bye Justin" I walked away, tears building up in my eyes, ready to fall.

I turned around and Justin was catching up to me. 

Justins POV: 

I yelled and yelled for her, but she never stopped. I screwed up. I didn't like Taylor.. Well.. I guess I do. 

Kalee's POV: 

I immediatly went home. I don't care about missing school. I can't see him. Or her. As I was walking into my bed room. I got a text.


He's mine hun. Stay away. xx

I knew exactly who it was. Taylor. God. I'm compeletly done with her. I went into my bathroom, stripped down and stepped into the warm water. Letting the tears fall, i thought about everything. I was wrong. I thought he was falling for me. I guess I just thought wrong. 

Justin's POV: 

I went home. I couldn't even think. She was mad at me.Fine. Ill just leave it. I texted Taylor.

To: Taylorr(; From: Justin: 

Hey babee. Awkward day today . Haha. wellll, wanna hangout? Starbucks? Gotta ask you something (; xx

I waited for a reply and after 5 minutes I got one.

To: Juju(; From: Taylorr:

hey boo. yeah, ill meet you there. (;

I left my house and jumped in my car. 10 minutes later I was at starbucks, waiting for taylor. I ordered our favorties and waited. She arrived and we talked. Then the big question..

"Taylor.. I really like you.. uh.. will you be.. my.. uh .. girlfriend?


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