An Ordinary Girl

Kalee Brooke. 17 years old. Dirty Blonde Hair. Tan Skin. Blue Eyes. She is an ordinary girl that is from Miami, Florida, but moves to Canada, Ontario. She is popular and has many friends. She isnt a party animal, she is a girl that follows the rules and never gets into trouble. She is obsessed with Justin Bieber, she believes that she will never meet him.. Until one day, when everything changed.


1. Everything Changes

Kalee's POV:

*BEEP* *BEEP*. I heard this while my alarm clock went off. I snoozed it and slowly got out of bed. I grabbed a towel and headed towards the shower. I turned on the shower and turned it to the right temperature. I jumped in and let the warm water run down my body. I washed my body and hair and got out.

"As long as you love me, we could be starvin', we could be homeless, we could be broke". I sang as i jumped around my room. I sat infront of my mirror and started to put on a minimal amount of make-up. When I was done with that, I blow-dried my hair and starightened my hair. I grabbed my clothes, which was a short white laced dress with a light blue jean jacket and white sandals. i put of my heart necklace and gabbed my iphone.

I ran down the stairs and saw my mom and dad sitting on the stools by the island. "Morning Mommy, Morning Daddy!". I said as I jumped onto one of the stools. "Morning Honey". they both said in unision. I grabbed two pieces of toast and popped them into the toaster. They popped out and i threw on some butter and took a bite. After i was finished i grabbed my Victoria Secret backpack and yelled goodbye to my parents. I jumped into my Tahoe and started the car.

"This should be a fun day" i said to myself as i rolled down the windows and turned on my Justin Bieber CD and started singing along with it, In minutes, I was in the school parking lot. I jumped out and headed for the doors. I walked in and i immediatly got stares.

Why do they alway have to look at me? I thought to myself, as I reached my locker. I opened it up and grabbed my books and stuff i needed for the day. As I was walking to class, they jock of the school came up, Ryan Summers.

"Hey babe." He smirked as he came upto me. "I am not your babe. Never have, Never will" I said in an angry tone. "Ooh feisty today,I see. Well bye babe, see you around" Thats all i heard until he was turning the corncer. I went into my first period and Mrs.Stevens came in.

"Alright class. Settle down. Now, we have a new student today. He would like to be treated normal, just like everyone else" I thought to myself.. What does she mean?! Treated like a normal perosn.. huh.

"Justin.. why dont you come in." My heart competely stopped when she said Justin. It couldn't be. No No No. Not Justin Bieber. Then when i had almost convinced myself it wasnt him. A average tall, 18 year old boy. With a quiff, came into the classroom.

"Everyone this is Justin Bieber. Now, Justin you may sit next to Kalee." Mrs.Stevens pointed to me and I think I died. "Alright, Thank you" Oh my gosh.. Justin Freaking Bieber is about to sit next to me.. Keep Calm Kalee. Keep Calm.

 "Hey, Im Justin."


Hey Guys! So this is my first fan-fiction. So, please read & let me know if you like it (: I'll be posting another chapter soon, so stay tuned for more (: Thank you for reading! (:

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