Loving you was wrong.

Michelle is locked up in a closet for a game, but this game is lasting alittle longer than it should... 2 hours longer.


4. Hasn't it been 7 minutes?

~ Harry's P.O.V.~

Okay I was suppose to stop and yell SLUT if she kissed me , but this.. this is amazing... way better than anyone else I know could do. She's just mmm. 


~Michelle's P.O.V.~ **Content MAY be a little dirty but not really**

I'm on my knees, he's holding on to my head, pushing it back and forth faster and harder each time. He's moaning, loudly. Why hasn't anyone came in? who cares I'm enjoying this..

He lifted me up off my knees. We're kissing again. 

He leans me up against the wall, he's still hard as can be. He starts kissing my neck, I wrap my legs around him. He slowly inserts himself into me. He's starting of slowly and sweetly. I can't talk this. I start kissing his neck more and more. the more I kiss and bite the harder and faster he goes. 

~2 hours later~

We are both out of breathe. we slip back into our clothes. he kisses me for the last time and slips a paprr into my pocket. 

We exit the clset, after 20 minutes of trying to unlock it from the inside. When we open it we find....

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