Loving you was wrong.

Michelle is locked up in a closet for a game, but this game is lasting alittle longer than it should... 2 hours longer.


7. Angry man& crying chick.

Michelle P.O.V.

"-We're not over l I fucking say we're over"

What the fuck is this about? why is he so angry. we both did wrong and if we both did wrong than w in my opinion we never really loved each other. 

"You fucking get upstairs in bed, you bitch." Clayton said whispering in my ear.

"G-g-g-guys I think I'm going to go take a n-n-n-nap" I said scared between cries. he's never been like this before...always sweet.. loving... caring...

"I'll come with to tuck you in, Darling."Harry said walking towards me.

Clayton shot me a glare.

"N-n-no I'm-m Fine.." I said hoping Harry would get that I wasn't and would still come with.

"No, you aren't, Bea-"

"She's fine. The girl said she's fine. She's fine." Clayton interrupted Harry before he could finish his sentence.

Harry's P.O.V.

what the fuck did Clayton say to her. She was all fine, well kinda she was calming down, until he whispered something in her ear. Is he going to hurt her? He better not. I shouldn't be this attached to her already but shes so beautiful and I always thought she was funny and nice when she was dating Clayton, but he always said she constantly cheated on him and was out at parties. I don't see how he ever thought that. I mean yes she's gorgeous, but she doesn't carry herself like whores usually do. She's an all together nice,caring, amazing and beautiful person. 

"G-g-g-guys I think I'm going to go take a n-n-n-nap" Michelle said between sobs.

"I'll come with to tuck you in, Darling." I said walking towards her.

"N-n-no I'm-m Fine.." Michelle said

She's SO NOT fine. If she was fine she wouldn't have started crying again. God and to think Clayton USED to be my bestfriend.

"No, you aren't, Bea-" I spoke softly

"She's fine. The girl said she's fine. She's fine." Clayton said in a rush cutting me off.

What the fuck is that shit. 

"Clearly she's not fucking fine." I started to run up to her then suddenly Clayton punched me in the face

"SHE'S FINE! I'LL BE WITH HER!' He screamed and pushed her up the stairs.

I swear I hear one little whimper from her I'm going to break his face.

Michelle's P.O.V.

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