Punk Goes Pop

(A One Direction/Of Mice & Men Love Story)

Austin Carlile of Of Mice & Men could've sworn he was completely and utterly straight.
That was until he met Harry Styles.
He also thought he hated all the pop junk going through the radio stations these days.
Then he heard Harry Styles' voice.
It was the curls. He had always had straight hair, so something different mesmerized him. Or the tattoos. He had quite the fair share of tattoos, but Harry's were just so- different. And the smile, the same smile that melted teenage girls' hearts all around the world did the same to him.
The eyes were the deal breaker.

But Austin surely never thought that him, the Punk, would go for the Pop.


1. Chapter One


"I-  God, I really like you, Austin," Harry shyly said up at the boy. Harry's head was rested on Austin's lap, the older boy toying with his curls. "I like you too, Haz." Austin smiled at the boy, who sat up and engulfed Austin in a hug, kissing his cheek as the two giggled.

Let's go back, shall we?

Three Months Earlier

"What do you mean you fucking double-booked?" Austin sneered at the man. "I'm sorry, but it seems that you and One Direction have both been booked for tonight, and since they payed much more money, we have to give tonight to them. No refunds." It turns out that the owner of the highly popular Staples Center in Atlanta had screwed this up. "This was going to be our biggest venue!" Aaron, one of the singers and guitarist whined. "Yeah, are you totally sure you booked them for tonight?" Phil, the bassist complained.

"Positive. Now go grab the rest of you little faggots and leave my venue."

Austin lurched at him, but Phil and Aaron held him back, whispering and reminding him the last time he got in a fight, he ended up in jail. It was over a young fan who had died, and the man said she deserved it.

Austin pulled out of their grasps, only to run into somebody. "What the fuck?" Austin started, until he saw who it was. Somebody from One Direction. He didn't know who, but his appearance amazed him.

Six-foot-three and burly, the boy had an almost babyish face, with mesmerizing curls. The eyes melted his heart, yet he only looked down into them for a couple of seconds.

"Uhm, hey, Austin, right?" The boy started. "I- I'm Harry. I'm in One Direction and I'm really sorry he double booked and-"

Austin snapped, his anger boiling in his blood once again; as he cut him off. "I don't need your fucking sympathy," Austin spat down at him, being about three inches taller. Austin shoved past the curly-headed boy. He went where they were setting up, only to find Valentino arguing with the other drummer about which drums were supposed to be set up; the ones with the '&' sign on the front or the "1D' ones. "Hey, Tino! Stop arguing with him. We're leaving."

Harry, behind Austin shouted, "Josh! Quit being a dick!"

Austin repeated, snapping around to look at Harry. "I do. Not. Need. Your. Help. Go on kid, go practice or something." Austin ran his fingers through his quiff, blowing out a huff before striding to Tino to explain. "Hey!" Harry yelled, jogging to the older boy. "I'm 19! How old are you? 20?" The two boys had just met and already disliked each other. "I'm 25, you insensitive prick."

Harry huffed and turned on his heels to find Niall. He'd help him out. Austin explained what happened while Aaron basically had to pry Alan away from one of One Direction's guitarists who had started an argument. The five boys started to put their things back into their trailer, along with the help of their management and staff. After about twenty minutes, Harry came up to Austin again.

"Hey, you want some help?" Harry offered. "No, we're fine," the older boy spat. "Well, uhm, I was also kinda wondering if you wanted to open up for us? I know you can't play the whole time, but would you like to open up?"

Austin thought about it, and them thought about the lyrics of his songs, most of which had curse words. Plus, what kind of little girls want to listen to them scream?

"Would, but they would not like the music we play. Thanks though, man." Austin said, beginning to carry a large speaker system to the back entrance. "No, wait! Sing for me." Harry said. Austin frowned, but nevertheless, but the speaker down and cupped his hand over his mouth, standing atop the speaker, looking down on Harry even more.

"Product of a murder, you stole everything!" Austin screamed Product of a Murder.

Harry gaped at him, then rubbed the back of his neck. "Oh um, well, no, they wouldn't, but, um, do you have any, like, slower songs?" Harry stuttered to him. "Yeah, doesn't everybody?"

"Does it cuss?"


"Does it have heavy metal in it?"

"Well if you call it that, no."

"Is it sweet?"


"Are you gay?"

"Ye- No! where did that come from?!" Austin shouted. A blush crept up from Harry's neck to his face. "I- I don't kn-know. I just wanted to know. Sorry..."

Austin said, "It's fine. But we also did a cover of Blame It once. And we can do Boyfriend, but we have a bit of screaming in it."

"Yeah, the fans would love that!" Harry started. "Not Blame It though... so can you do your slow one and Boyfriend? They'd really like it."

"Yeah, if you want. So, I guess we can talk to our managers and try to work this out, yeah? Our band members too."

Harry grinned, his adorable dimples showing as Austin looked down at him. Austin didn't like him, per say, but he could still make him week in the knees. "Okay! Let me go talk to Paul!" Harry bounced away, as Austin furrowed his brows, then finished carrying the speaker to the truck after jumping down.


He got himself into something that night.


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