Un-Expected September

Louise Eleanory is an 18 year old girl. she has 4 best friends Korrina,Madison,Nicole, and Avery.their life seemed kind of boring but when they win a contest their life changes.


3. Suprise we won

When we got inside Korrina ran to the cd player "I call using the cd player first" she said she ran to it I would've chased her but I was too tired. She opens the one direction cd case and put the cd in."Korrina look" I said pointing at a piece of paper that said 'you won' and 'see your local cd shop for details. "we'll go back tomorrow ok" Korrina said. "I have a better idea" I said smiling and taking my phone out and dialing. I then put the phone to my face."hello carls californian cab company how can I help you" a voice said. "hello could we please get a cab at 917 Tavin ave."sure at what time"a woman said "now is good please" I said. "ok a cab will be there soon"the lady said "ok thank you have a nice day" I said "you to goodbye now"she said and hung up."did ya call a cab"Korrina said "no"I said sarcastically we then waited and when the cab showed up we went in."where to"the driver said "to west street mall please"I said."ok" he said and began to drive when we got to the mall we ran to HMV and went to the counter."how may I help you"a lady said."do u know what this is"Korrina said while opening the case and pointing at the paper."oh yes"you're the winners congratulations, this means that you two and three others get to meet one direction"the lady said smiling" for serious"I said."yes and you see there's a number here you call it for the details"she said."ok thanks" I said.we then walked out of the mall."so since five people get to go meet one direction we can invite Nicole,Avery,and Madison"Korrina said.Nicole Medrick she's 16 and turning 17,she's tall,and really nice she has straight light brown hair, she's a total fashionista, then there's Avery Solinin, shes 15 turning 16 she is so funny.she has long wavy dark brown hair, she loves Gymnastics and she's great at it to.and last but not least is Madison Triscit she turned 18 in April just like me,she has long straight dark brown hair.she is like the ballet queen she has won so many competitions,and you are probably wondering,if we're all different ages, how did we all meet well we were all on the same soccer-baseball team when me and Madison were in grade 3,Nicole was in grade 2,and Avery and Korrina were in grade 1."oh ya they love one direction".I said."I'm gunna call the cab"I said

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